Dolores McKeough at the top of Hoosier Pass in Colorado, 2011.

Dolores McKeough has been crossin the U.S. on the Trans Am with Adventure Cycling.

On Sunday, June 26, she wrote us:

 I climbed up Hoosier Pass in CO today It has an elevation of 11,539 feet.
My BF Pocket Sport got me there. I am on the TransAm with Adventure Cycling. This 92
day trip will add about 4,300 miles to my annual mileage.

Way to go Dolores!




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  1. Dear Friday Family:

    Just a note to anounce the proud owner of #1249 is alive, well – and still enjoying the New World Tourist my wife Winnie gave me as a retirement gift in 1994. Guess I was among the early members of the Friday fraternity. I have only positive memories of rides and countless miles in Ohio, New York, Indiana, Florida – and now North Carolina – and of course, one of the coolest treats is responding to inquisitive fellow riders and pedestrians about the Friday family.

    Dr. Jerry Hopfengardner
    Grenville, NC

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