The Haul-a-Day Elite takes its first ride over the Cascade mountains


The Haul-a-Day Elite carries the load for a two day adventure through the most spectacular Cascade Crossing in Oregon for a group of friends from Eugene!

The McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway is almost a 4,000 foot climb from the west and a 2,000 foot climb from the east. Tons of breath taking views, and cruising through lava fields. Each side of the climb has a distinctly different feel: The west side starts in rain forest and ascends into the Lava Fields with something like 19 switchbacks. The east side is a dry, Ponderosa forest. The road is open to bicycles and closed to cars for several weeks in the spring each year.

Check out more details on the McKenzie Scenic Pass Bikeway HERE


“My friends and I have been riding Highway 242 for years now. Many locals fill the pass for these few car-free weeks in spring, and for me the tradition includes taking the bus out and back for a car-free trip, camping along Whychus Creek, and eating a delicious vegan breakfast at Angeline’s in Sisters. This year was special because the Haul-a-Day Elite let me carry food, water and gear for my friends, so we could all ride together and have a great time, no matter our starting fitness or bike setup.”

– Willie Hatfield, Bike Friday Engineer


The Haul-a-Day Elite took a scenic stop at the Dee Wright Observatory.


The peak of the climb 5,325ft



Day 1 ended the 38 mile adventure in Sisters, Oregon where the crew spent the night camping.

Day 2 was the return journey back home and the opportunity to do it all over again!


For details on the NEW Haul-a-Day Elite, come check out the web page HERE

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