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Haul-a-Day Elite makes the “Lightest Cargo Bikes Available” list from Momentum Magazine

Haul-a-Day Elite review from Bike Gear Database 2023

All-Packa review from Barry at Bike Gear Database 2023

Adventure Cycling magazine review and adventure story for the All-Packa for 2023


The 2023 All-Packa Review from Joe Cruz at


The All-Packa named one of the top bikepacking bikes of the year for 2022 by

All-Packa gear of the year award from


The All-Packa at logo


The All-Packa at

All-Packa at  

The pakiT is picked as the lightest Folding bike on Bicycling Magazine’s “The Best Folding Bikes 2022”

bicycling magazine pakiT lightest folding bike of 2022  

The All-Packa catches the eye of

All-Packa being lifted in the air by designer Willie Hatfield

Review: Bike Friday Tandem Traveler XL by

Nike Friday Tandem Traveler XL Riders


The Haul-A-Day gets reviewed by

The haul-A-Day cargo bike reviewed by takes a look at the pakiT

pakiT at  
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