2024 All-Packa

Worlds first bikepacking bike with all the braze-ons that quickfolds in 30 seconds for easy transport to the trailhead. It’s built for tire clearance to 2.8″ and has geometry tweaks for better gearing and loaded off-road handling. The All-Packa is the best Bike Friday for expeditions far beyond the pavement. Custom built to your size and color choice in Oregon USA. Base model starts at 26.6 lbs.

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Read 2022 bike reviews: bikepacking.com, Adventurecycling.com, bikegeardatabase.com

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The Bike Friday All-Packa is a more capable bikepacking bike in more travel situations than previously imagined possible! Yes, its easier to fly, bus, throw in the back of an adventure van, on top of a packraft, etc. than any other bikepacking rig available. It’s also a fully capable dirt road rambler, ready for an unpaved expedition to the farthest corners of the world.  No, this isn’t the bike for shredding the most technical trails – instead we designed the All-Packa for the joys of riding our local logging roads and flowy singletrack.

The All-Packa is a custom bike that will fit you perfectly as we handbuild it to your size in Eugene, Oregon USA. We have used our 30 years experience of building customized travel bikes that fold and optimized this frame for the key needs of dirt and gravel bikepacking.

Watch to learn more about the All-Packa
Watch to learn more about the All-Packa

Announcing 2024 All-Packa Improvements!

All-Packa riders around the world have made their wishes known! They want more of what makes the All-Packa the best travel bikepacking bike in the world. They love the convenience and portability, and want even more clearance, more compatibility, and more capability.

Luckily we at Bike Friday never stop tinkering. We’ve been riding prototypes all this year and can’t wait to share the improvements we’ve found.

Designer Willie Hatfield testing the 2024 features riding the Oregon Outback this summer 2023 (2 min video)

All-Packa Features:

  • Fits most bikepacking bags on the market with three-packs (3 bottle braze-ons) on seat mast, fork legs, down tube, and four-pack on top tube
  • Geometry optimized for off-road gear hauling with a longer front-center and lower center-of-gravity than other Bike Fridays
  • The All-Packa is custom fit for riders from 4 ft 6 in to 6 ft 4 in, with better gear hauling options that any other bikepacking bike on the market. Lower step-over! Seatpack will never rub the rear tire!
  • The frame folds in 30 seconds (32x24x12″) to fit into a bus, car trunk, packraft etc…
  • Packs into an airline check-able suitcase – The only bikepacking bike that also flies!
  • Rider weight up to 220lbs with no gear weight limits
  • E-assist compatible and upgradable

All-Packa 2024 Improvements include:
  • Frame Redesign for tire clearance up to 2.8″ (2.8″ tires currently unavailable from our vendors)
    • Fork gets wider and axle to crown increases
    • Rear end moves to “S-Bend” stays from current wishbone seatstays
    • Provides fender and mud clearance for all 2.4″ tires
  • BF Boost – offsetting rear hub from centerline for greater tire clearance while using standard components
    • Still uses standard 135 QR rear hubs
    • 7mm offset for “Super Boost” 56mm chainline allowing 2.8″ tire clearance (2.8″ tires currently unavailable from our vendors)
    • Creates tighter fold, allowing easier packing in suitcases
  • Raising BB 6mm to allow clearance for long cranks and low tire pressures
  • Lighter, shorter folding mast with 27.2mm ID to allow easy packing
  • External dropper post routing
  • Downtube braze-ons simplified to series of triple zip-tie braze-ons
  • Improved component spec with 12 spd APEX AXS XPLR and 1×11 SRAM build options
  • Packalope bars: refined shape with increased grip/clamp length, increased backsweep and upsweep.

The All-Packa differs from the Diamond Llama in several key ways:
  • Wider tire clearance (2.8 in versus 2.2 in)
  • Braze-ons: Hydraulic brake compatible, 3-packs on seatmast, top tube and both fork legs plus 4-pack on top tube
  • Top tube is oval instead of round, maintaining stiffness, decreasing weight, and increasing space for frame bags
  • Ride-quality optimized tubing spec for people 220lbs or less; Diamond Llama frame can take up to 330lb rider

Options for your All-Packa:

Packalope Handlebar
Packalope Handlebar is great for handling a load on rough roads, but still split for easy packing, as only Bike Friday handlebars can! Flattened tops and extensions add additional comfortable hand positions. 31.8 clamp, 730mm wide, 23deg sweep, 380 grams. Compatible with MTB cockpits.

BF Straight Alloy MTB Bars

Bike Friday straight Alloy MTB Handlebars are also an option.

Gearing Options:


Travel Bag:

The updated Bike Friday Travel Bag is now 10 inches wider to fit larger frames and tire sizes, features side cinch straps and stuffs into its own pocket. The Travel Bag allows you to easily carry or store your Bike Friday. Quick-fold your bike, fit it into its durable bag, and zip up! Black nylon coated pack fabric. Two sturdy woven handles and an adjustable shoulder strap allow you to carry your bike onto the bus, train or elevator with ease. A good way to keep it protected in the trunk of your vehicle too. Fits all single Bike Fridays. Wt: 672 grams. Rolls up to 4 1/2″ diameter, 14″ long. Proudly made here in Eugene, Oregon.

Electric Assist Option:

The e-assist option for the All-Packa is a front hub motor pedal assist style system. It comes with a 36V battery with ~60km (37mile) range. This hub motor system replaces the front hub in the front wheel.

More details on the hub motor:

  • No motor resistance
  • Very light! Adds only ~ 10 lbs to your bike
  • Very Quiet!
  • Disc brake compatible (except Avid’s)

Choose your frame color: 

  There are many more colors available if you order your bike as ‘Full Custom’ when working with a Bike Friday Expert. The ‘Color Viewer’ below shows our whole color palette, regular and full custom, together.

Note: Bags and cages shown in pictures are examples, Bike Friday does not carry these items. You can order direct from hundreds of bikepacking gear makers, or make your own, and use your creative style to customize your rig.

Sizing Your Bike To Fit Perfectly
We build your bike from raw tubing and cut all parts to your sizing. Once you place your order online a Bike Friday expert will contact you for custom sizing. The sizing form we will go over with you is HERE

“What is Bikepacking and how is it different than Touring?”

Bikepacking is the synthesis of all-terrain cycling and self-supported backpacking. It evokes the freedom of multi-day backcountry hiking and travel off the beaten path, but with the range and thrill of riding a nimble bicycle. It’s about venturing further into places less traveled, both near and far, via singletrack trails, gravel, and forgotten dirt roads, carrying the essential gear, and not much more. (From Bikepacking 101) “Bikepacking is what bicycles originally were… There were no cars. There was no asphalt. Bikepacking is as bicycling was intended to be.” -Joe Cruz (prominent bikepacker and Bike Friday owner)

How to fold your Bike Friday

Applicable to all Pocket Bikes (New World Tourist, Diamond Llama, All-Packa)

How to order your bike on this page:

  1. Follow all the steps in the drop-down menus above then “Add to cart” and follow steps in your cart to purchase.

  2. A Bike Friday Expert will follow up with you to determine your sizing, pick-up /ship date (production takes 5-7 weeks on average) and confirm any other needed details about your order.
  3. Then you get your bike!

Additional Ways to Order with More Options:

We offer many more options than we can post here without overwhelming people. We can likely build what you are looking for. Just contact us and tell a friendly Bike Expert what you are looking for.

Bike Friday 10 Year Warranty
We have a strong warranty on our frames against defects in material and/or workmanship for 10 years. Warranty is non-transferable. Bicycle components (excluding tires, chain, cables, etc.) generally have a 1-year limited warranty. CLICK HERE for full warranty information.
The reviews are In!
“I flat-out love Bike Friday’s All-Packa. I admire bicycles that do something special—in this case, fold. I want bicycles that go beyond the functions at which they excel and so are also supremely versatile. I like bicycles built with attention to detail and compelling aesthetics. And I go for bicycles that support the many kinds of adventures I do while also inspiring me to imagine new ones. The All-Packa is all these things and more.” -Joe Cruz (Bike Friday owner and Bikepacking.com contributor)

“This is a bike for going far and doing something ambitious and unusual. Or it’s for everyday dirt road meandering. Or it’s for virtually anything in between. If I had to create a short list of game-changing bikes in the last decades of bikepacking—a list that would include, say, the Surly Pugsley, the Salsa Fargo and Cutthroat, and the Cannondale Slate—I’d put the All-Packa on it. I’m not even remotely kidding.” – Joe Cruz (bikepacking.com contributor and bikepacking guru) “I could not stop yelling “THIS THING RIPS” as I was swooping back and forth on one of Missoula’s newest ridgeline trails.” – Ally Mabry (Art Director of Adventure Cyclist)“As I prepped the All-Packa with my latest bikepacking setup, I began to feel increasingly at ease with it. The bike felt rock-solid in every way, and packing it up for a trip was actually enjoyable. I love bikepacking, but I have to admit that I usually find getting my bike setup a bit of a chore. However, with the All-Packa, I was able to rethink my entire setup thanks to the numerous mounts and exposed areas on the frame. There seemed to be mounts on every available spot, including triple mounts on the seat tube, a quadruple mount (!!!!) on the top tube, triple mounts on the down tube, and on each fork blade.”

– Barry Lachapelle (Founder of Bike Gear Database)

All-Packa gear of the year award from bikepacking.com

CLICK HEREto read about the original All-Packa receiving a “2022 Gear of the Year” Award from bikepacking.com for one of the best bikepacking bikes of the year!

Read the Story : How the original All-Packa was developed by Willie Hatfield on our BlogWatch the video of:  The First All-Packa’s being built

Note: We offer full bikes and frame kits, the travel case in the video is an optional upgrade.

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Bike Friday
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Peter Niss
All-Packa From Guten Biken

I am very, VERY happy with my All-Packa. It's a whole new and exciting view to me what is possible going "Rinko" aka. TrainBikePacking.

Frame was bought from Fabian and David at "GutenBiken" located in Munich. Pretty nice guys!

Btw ... the installed Growtac brakes are so impressive. I totally love them. First I got only blue ones, which are on the pics but now supply catched up and the Black Swan got black ones, too. Waiting still for my black coated King Cages, that will finish an already outstanding dream built.

 by Steven Friedman
My testimonial/story about my All-Packa

I love my All-Packa, which was delivered last year during Thanksgiving week. I love that it's so versatile, enabling me to ride on a variety of terrain. It's also so peppy that I sometimes feel like I'm on an eBike.

I've ridden it on the roads to work and over gravel trails near my home. I purchased a Samsonite Novaire and packed it in June for a 10-day trip to the Netherlands which included a 5-day self-guided tour sponsored by Holland Bike Tours.

I struggled with GPS, but the bike was great over the flat roads and trails from Haarlem to Gouda to Bosschenhoofd to Middelburg to Delft and back to Haarlem, nearly 300 miles. The longest ride was 103 km out of Middelburg to Delft, a lovely canal town famous for it's blue-painted pottery. Storm warnings were issued the day before the ride and the proprietor of one store, as were were talking about my long ride the following day, said, "Take the train." Headwinds were predicted to reduce cycling speeds to under 8 mph.

The rain ended up stopping at 9 am and the predicted winds turned into tail ones and I sped along route, which included crossing North Sea bridges four times, at an average of 15 mph. The All-Packa was my steady and comfortable guide.

My trip in the Netherlands passed through farmland and small towns where I saw windmills, goats, horses, sheep, cows, Medieval churches, cafes, and thousands of people cycling on the amazing network of protected bike lanes, paths, trails, and multi-use roads.

A few weeks later I brought the All-Packa to Idaho for a 5-day camping and self-guided bike trip along the Coeur d'Alenes bike trail, rated as one of the most scenic trails in America, sponsored by Adventure Cycling. While the almost entirely flat and paved terrain was perfect for the All-Packa, she did even better on the 16-mile downhill gravel experience along the Route of the Hiawatha Trail, where I got covered in mud and dust.

The owner of Holland Bike tours was skeptical when I told him I was bringing my own folding bike for the tour there, but once he saw the bike and got on it, he knew it was built for anything.

I love my All-Packa. Have I said that already?


Steven Friedman

Additional information

Folded Size

Quick Folds in 30 seconds to fit into a small space, 36 x 29 x 14” (varies slightly with frame size and component selections)

Bike base model weight

26.6lbs for this 9spd Packalope bar base design.

Easy to Travel with

Will disassemble to fit into a standard airline check-able Samsonite suitcase. 31 x 21 x 12”

Rider Size

Bike is hand built to fit your body measurements of height, weight, inseam and riding style. Effective Top Tube range of 48cm-62cm. This usually fits riders 4'6" to 6'2". The All-Packa frame is built for riders up to 220-lbs.

Component Brands

We use quality components from reputable brands like FSA, Tektro, KMC, Uno/Kalloy, Microshift, Schwalbe, as well as other OEM partners. Due to supply chain disruptions, we must sometimes make substitutions of similar or greater quality and function. Please speak to our Bike Experts for specific component requests.

Gear Hauling

There are all the usual ways to haul gear, plus a few unusual ones. For example you can attach 5 water bottle cages and even front and rear racks if desired.


Fits tires 2" to 2.8" wide.
Fenders can be used with tires up to 2.25"

Note: We do not recommend tires smaller than 20" x 2.0" on the All-Packa because a bottom bracket that low can create pedal-strike issues.


Tubeless Compatible: 2×9, 1×11, 1×12 & Rohloff 14-speed package
Non Tubeless Compatible: 1×9 drivetrain package

Frame Compatibility

There are numerous custom frame options available. For example, the bike can be made compatible with the Rohloff hub. Unfortunately this frame cannot be made belt-drive compatible due to the fold.


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