“Pry it from my cold dead hands!”


Lin’s pakiT enabled car-lite lifestyle and her hardest goodbye.

Lin B. is a long time Bay Area resident and passionate Bike Friday enthusiast. We wanted to bring you her inspiring story about going car free with her Enno Orange pakiT. Whether going on fully packed Costco runs or just heading to the dentist, Lin could do it all on her pakiT!

“I retired and decided I never wanted to be stuck in a car again, after decades of long commutes. First I bought an inexpensive e-bike to boost my confidence and get back in shape. After a year I replaced it with a standard Trek 700c bike and SOLD my car. It didn’t take long for me to realize 2 things: (1) the bike was way bigger than I and carrying it up and down transit steps was a disaster, and (2) I was constantly stressed about theft when I locked it up to go places.

Bike theft is so prevalent these days, I never knew if it was going to be there when I returned. Thus my interest in folding bikes developed. I did try the Brompton but it’s a one-size-fits-all type of bike and it simply did not fit me in any of the stock configurations. And I was not going to spend 2k on a bike and then subsequently spend even more on 3d party accessories to “maybe” make it fit.

I was lucky enough to pick up a small used NWT, and that was my transportation for over a year. But it was heavy for me to pick up and put in a shopping cart and to carry on the transit steps for any distance. Also it wasn’t the best folding process for someone folding it multiple times each day.

Then you guys made the pakiT – it was like you heard my wish list.  With carefully chosen components, I was able to get the weight to where I could easily carry it or put it in a shopping cart and folding was a breeze. My little pakiT and my Burley Travoy were all I needed for several more years. We did Costco trips, and took huge boxes to UPS and went to doctor appointments and into restaurants and movies – and I never once worried about theft!!!! In a major city where bike theft is so common, this was a huge stress-reliever. I eventually added a little friction drive e-assist, too.

I would have happily continued on with my pakiT and made them pry it from my cold dead hands, but I developed a health issue which negatively impacted my balance. It was hard to give my pakiT up, but knowing it went to another Bike Friday person helped. She wanted a light folder she could keep in her car trunk to use when she drove into San Francisco from her home north of the city. The pakiT was the perfect solution!

I’ve never been emotionally attached to any car or other bike but the pakiT was my dream bike, exactly what I wanted and needed. I still think of that bike and hope maybe someday I will be able to ride a 2 wheeler again – if I do, it will be another Bike Friday, without a doubt.

Thanks for making me a happy bike owner for the time I had with her…”

-Lin B.




The Bike Friday pakiT‘s compact and lightweight design allow it to fit in its own backpack for ease of transport. Unlike many folding bikes the pakiT does not use proprietary components or mechanisms making repairs and upgrades possible regardless of where you are in the world.




Ready to embark on your own pakiT adventures?

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  1. Part of a ‘Bike Friendly Culture’ * is unfortunately Theft.
    Moving away from the Unaffordable Bay Area and College towns helped,
    so did ‘overbuying’ strong er than minimal ….. locks…
    *and people with drug habits to support thru theft

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