Electric Assist E-Bike System Overview for Travel

Electric Bikes from other brands are not allowed on airlines due to their batteries!

Our Secret: The only electric bike battery you can legally enter a plane with are LiGo Batteries* and Bike Friday is the first travel bike to integrate them into the bike design.


Note: * LIGO Battery not currently available.

The manufacturer is re-designing as the world wide chip shortage has caused enough problems to motivate them to design a battery that is not reliant on those parts. *Not available due to chip shortage*. Ligo 10X will be released soon Read More HERE


This couple has arrived in Isreal ready for a bike adventure. They do not have electric assist on their bikes yet but we can retrofit their bikes any time and they will still pack into their suitcase.
The Battery: The LiGo by Grin Technology*

*Not available due to chip shortage*. Ligo 10X will be released soon Read More HERE

Yes, these batteries really can be carried on passenger aircraft in carry-on luggage. Both we and our customers have clocked hundreds and hundreds of flights with LiGo batteries going through security without any incidents. Aaron, from Grin, even caught on video what happens when LiGo batteries go through the scanning belt. We recommend removing the LiGo packs from your baggage and plugging the pair of Anderson connectors on each pack into each other so that there are no exposed terminals and each pack is clearly individually contained. Airport personnel has been well trained at looking for the watt-hour rating lithium batteries and seeing if they are compliant or not.

While most airlines do not have a firmly defined maximum number of batteries under 100 Wh that can be brought aboard, we’d suggest traveling with no more than 4-5 LiGo’s per person in order to avoid extra scrutiny. Grin has had customers travel by air with as many as 12 LiGo modules on them, but we wouldn’t recommend that as a matter of course.

Travel with the LiGo powered E-Bike Friday:
Bike Friday E-Bike packed and ready for travel *photo: Ruth K.
Bike Friday E-Bike almost ready to ride *photo: Ruth K.
Bike Friday E-Bike ready to ride after being unpacked *photo: Ruth K.
Front Hub Drive:
The motor replaces the front hub in the front wheel with a specially designed Bafang motor which is optimized for our wheel size. It is the quietest front hub motor you can buy and works effortlessly.

– This system is compatible with all Bike Friday models –


  • No motor resistance when coasting or without power and very quiet!
  • Very light! Adds only ~ 10 lbs to your bike
  • Fits both 20-inch wheel and 16-inch wheel Bike Fridays
  • LiGo travel battery option makes for a light electric-assist bike that is legal to fly with.
  • Easily add more Ligo Batteries to increase your range.
  • Comes standard with pedal assist
  • Disc brake compatible
  • Balances weight of bike over both wheels.
Contact us and a bike design expert will help you with your questions and find the best electric system for your situation.
For retrofitting older Bike Fridays into E-Bikes with an electric assist there are additional steps. Contact us for details.
Travel with your LiGo Batteries: