11 countries in 3 months on a New World Tourist


For my bike packing trip I needed something that I can carry easily and put on the airplane […] a Bike Friday is what I needed. I think I have the perfect setup. I just used a regular backpack and was able to strap the bike easily to my back


A Masters Track Championship experienced cyclist — Veon has plenty of experience with various bike types and brands. We are lucky the Bike Friday New World Tourist was Veon’s bike of choice for his 3 month, 11 country trip through South America.

Veon’s trip began by taking a plane to Cancun where he would begin his trip. His first stop was in Guatemala.

Before getting his New World Tourist, Veon toured on a 700c bike which had to be fully disassembled and tied together with a rope to carry on his back. Needless to say, the smaller footprint of the New World Tourist made traveling a breeze, whether packing inside a suitcase to fly to Cancun to begin his trip, folding up to stick inside a bus or lifting onto a pick up truck when hitching a ride in South America.

Despite the challenges he faced, including broken derailleurs, punctured tires and having to camp overnight at a local Salvadorian school – He always remembered to enjoy the incredible scenery around him and the friends he made on his New World Tourist.


You can follow Veon’s adventures on his Facebook Page.
“I Wish You Were Here”
-Veon M.

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