Dreams of Colorful Rainbows and Fridays


      When Prismatic Powders called a few weeks back and asked us to chip in for its Interbike booth, we didn’t have to be asked twice.

Prismatic Powders has been a Bike Friday partner for more than 20 years.

This year, when we put an emphasis on colors to personalize your Bike Friday, we offered you 18 Prismatic colors to choose from.

The result has been some colorful Bike Fridays hitting the road this year.

Before you take a look at what Prismatic did to some of our frames for its booth, a BIKE FRIDAY DISCLAIMER: At this time we don’t offer all these wonderful choices. But remember, I said, AT THIS TIME.

You know what happens here at Bike Friday. If you want it, you usually get it.











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  1. Can’t help it, I’m a designer. I Like exotic colors. Might settle for Black Narcissus.
    That would be black with little sparkly bits in it 🙂
    For now I’m enjoying my new Season Tikit in Merlot.

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