Eugene Sunday Streets


     Clear blue pre-Autumn skies, pleasantly warm temps and an eager group of folks enjoyed a few hours of traffic-less freedom on local biways in the first Eugene Sunday Streets event.

The City of Eugene closed down 3 miles of roads downtown, along Skinner Butte Park and out to Washington Park on Sunday, and the locals came out to experience the fun.

A number of vendors including Bike Friday set up shop at a couple of activity centers along the road.

Our booth was at Skinner Butte Park, along the Willamette River.

Before the crowd arrived, Bike Friday was ready for test rides.

With our New World Tourist, Pocket Rocket and Pocket Rocket models with the Select Group, an Infinity tikit with NuVinci Hub, a Crusoe and Season tikit, I was ready to offer test rides to anyone who wanted to take advantage of the open streets.

Petco had rabbits, I had Fridays.


Before the action really heated up — keeping me busy enough for the four-hour stretch that I couldn’t take any other photos — a Bike Friday customer dropped by with his rig.

Gerry showed off his early Bike Friday. Frame number 621.

One of the early Bike Fridays, still alive and kicking.


Frame number 621. On April 1, 2011, we built number 25,000.

This being our hometown and all, there were plenty of Bike Fridays represented on the streets. Just wish I had the time — or another set of hands and eyes — that I could have taken photos of them all.

Thanks for everyone who stopped by, and those who took test rides.

Next Sunday Bike Friday will be in Portland for the Portland Sunday Parkways.

See you there.



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