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New World Tourist and Vidae Falls on the East Rim Drive at Crater Lake National Park.

Without question one of the key elements of our 20th Anniversary is celebrating our roots in Oregon.

Bike Fridays have been made exclusively in Oregon since 1992. Why?

Well, nearly 20 years before he started building Bike Fridays here, Alan Scholz visited Oregon and fell in love. Hey, it’s easy to do.

A few years later, he moved here. And the rest is our history.

But what Oregon has to offer, especially to cyclists, is nothing short of amazing.

Our friends at Travel Oregon have been busy this year supporting that.

One of their great efforts is the website If you want to find the best places to ride, it is one great stop.

Today they are launching their new mobile website that will allow you to use a smartphone to access key information, including maps and routes and other great stuff.

Think about it. You’re out there, riding, and wondering how to get back? As long as you have cell reception, you can find your way. Check it out!


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