History and a hot shave.


The East is rich with American history, especially between Monticello (Jefferson’s estate) and Gettysburg. Lucky for me, my wonderful parents decided to fly out to D.C. for a week to join me for a rendezvous with history.

Monticello: Jefferson’s estate. Did you know that all of Jefferson’s cooks were trained in the art of French cuisine?

A replica of the Wright brothers’ successful aircraft. Did you know that they developed their very own wind tunnel to test various Wing and propeller designs?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Did you know that the artist misquoted Dr. King on this memorial? (it is not this quote by the way)

The Washington Monument. Did you know that the first Washington Monument, now in a Smithsonian, was replaced because the public did not respond well to it? (the artist made him look like a Greek god)

The process of a hot shave is quite involved. First, the subject must be willing to participate. As well as the barber (this gentleman has been a barber for over 50 years!) The initial, and final product.

The process: An initial layer of hot shave cream is applied to the face and let sit for a few minutes. A wonderful hot towel is also applied after the cream has time to soak for a bit. A new layer of cream is applied, the subject is shaved, followed by a second heavenly hot towel. Touch ups are made and after shave is applied. Quite a life changing experience if I do say so myself.



Jacob Publicover

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