Triathlon Training Bike Friday Style, Part 4

Thom Dodd, Training for an Ironman with his Bike Friday.
(Bike Friday’s dealer is training for an Ironman
in New Zealand, where he plans to compete
on his Bike Friday)
Hi everyone

 To those of you headed out on your 
triathlon in Eugene this weekend, have
a great day!!  

You should end up satisfied on many 
levels, and hopefully will learn
something about yourself during the event.  

The unexpected is about guaranteed 
to surface at some point, so just
know that you will adapt/adjust and 
be fine in the end. There should be
lots of great supportive folks out 
there with you. Be safe and Enjoy.

I had a beautiful winter day on Monday 
and my plan was to ride the
Ironman distance for my long ride.  

I have been gradually increasing my 
long rides, adding about 10%
every third week or so to my previous 
long ride on this buildup,
and it was time for the 180 k ride. 
I actually did 185, with
six - 200 meter hills and five 
-- 100 meter hills, and added
another gorgeous beach village 
to my growing list -- Onemana,
between Opoutere and Whangamata.  

I felt great all the way as I took 
four lunches with me, stopping
for 15 minutes each time, and 
went thru the correct number of 
bottles and electrolytes for my 
needs, so the energy never faltered.  

Now I just have to do it after a 
long swim and before a marathon!!!  

I have five more months to get to 
that point, which is plenty of
time to do my three or four rides 
of 200 kand extend the runs on
my bike/run days, which will be 
fun now that our days
are lengthening and the weather 
is warming up.  

The swimming will kick in soon 
as well, as our ocean usually goes
up a couple degrees with the first  
Northeasterly wind in Sept.

Had another spectacular ride 
Wednesday the opposite direction, 
a recovery 70k ride which made a 
total of 15 spectacular beaches
to punctuate the rides, each one 
rejuvenating me after cycling
over the big hill separating it 
from the last beach.  

And a couple runs on Tues and Thurs, 
so a good week so far.

Again, I want to wish you all the 
best on the weekend.  

Get that Friday out and see where 
it will take you today, whatever
day it is there. 

Cheers from Aoteroa, aka, New Zealand.

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