Replacing the need for Uber, Lyft and smelly Taxies when traveling…


Have you ever wished you could just jump off a plane, walk out the doors of the airport and be off on your adventure? No waiting for trains, Uber, Lyft or a smelly taxi?

The Bike Friday New World Tourist was created to solve these problems. It even has the option to add E-Assist that can fly with you and boost your ride if it gets tough.

Bike Friday has the solution. 

  • A bike that folds to easily fit into a car trunk, train shelf or other transport
  • A bike that can pack into a standard airline suitcase (no over-sized fees)
  • A bike built for you so it fits and rides great and you can take it with you
  • Added benafit of 20inch wheels that climb hills better than a traditional wheel size
  • With E-Assist you will be able to have all this and a good Irish wind at your back at all times

If you have ever traveled by bike, you know just how good it feels to jump on your bike after a long flight.  The first 30 seconds on the saddle you are still dreaming about how good it would feel to hit a pillow for 8-10 hours, but then a minute into the ride it’s like the clouds lift and you are in your happy place.  It’s life-changing, to say the least.

A good ride shakes the flight out of your legs and gets you in the right mindset for the rest of the trip. As a tourist, there is no better way to see things than by bike.  The simple pleasure of sleep will also come as a good friend when you finally do find your place of rest for the night, it may just be the best sleep you’ve had all year.

When you embark on the challenge of finding the perfect bike and seeing the world and a thirst for adventure is part of what makes you tick, check out Bike Friday.

The Problem with “normal” sized bikes, they are hard to travel with.  No matter which way you turn the coin around they are:

  • Bulky = hard to maneuver through travel situations when Not riding
  • Big package = they cost extra money to put on airplanes
  • Too Big to fit into most vehicles in most places around the world
  • Rental bikes don’t fit like your bike does and can get expensive for long tours
Bike folds to fit easily into a car trunk


Bike packs into an airline checkable suitcase. Suitcase can turn into a bike trailer also!







In the words of the great Dr. Seuss “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.

Two people, two bikes, two suitcases ready to travel anywhere!

The New World Tourist would be a great choice and a welcome friend to make your adventure complete.  If you have any questions on the wonders of having an E-Bike with E-Assist, please don’t hesitate to ask.  We are pretty tickled by how amazing it is and what it can do to help you reach the next ridge, winery or small alpine village.

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