New Zealand’s Dodd Finishes an Ironman


[EDITOR’s NOTE: You might remember Thom Dodd’s blog entries on Training for an Ironman Triathlon back in August. We just received word from Thom. He did it! Here is his report.]

By Thom Dodd
     Just to let you know i competed successfully in the Challenge Wanaka, a full Ironman on the south island of New Zealand. 
     Don’t know if I am the first to complete an ironman on a Pocket Rocket, but I should be in pretty elite company there. 
     It was the icing on the cake that took me 12,005 kilometers on my New World tourist before swapping with my wife (stealing might be more accurately, her Pocket Rocket) in 12 months of training for the event — not to mention over 1100 km running and nearly 100 km of ocean swimming here in Hahei. 
     Besides being a joy to ride, the bikes i used got me plenty of raised eyebrows. 
    You can see in the background the bikes i was up against — seemed they were all very serious and I was the one having all of the fun (even when I passed them, which admittedly was rare as at 62 years old I was the 4th from the oldest competitor, and not all of those older than me even finished…)
     It is an experience I will always be proud of and remember for the fun i had — thanks for all of the support from Bike Friday.

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  1. Great job! I did two triathlons with my pocket rocket and have a half ironman coming soon. May try a full ironman someday with my pocket rocket!

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