Making a Difference on a Friday

Ryan Sykes, Christine Thorburn and Ted Huang [left to right] at the Veterans Victory Velo charity ride in San Ramon, earning money for the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Fund.

Bike Friday has been honored to create a partnership with Webcor’s Ted Huang and two-time U.S. Olympian Christine Thorburn, who happen to be two seriously active cycling advocates getting out there and making a difference.

This past weekend they rode in the Veterans Victory Velo. The first annual charity ride benefits the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation, which supports severely wounded veterans.

“Ryan is a severely wounded Vet and we did the 30-mile ride route with him,” Ted says. ” A bit over three hours, but it really made his day.”

Ted is still getting accustomed to his Pocket Rocket Pro, and Christine cruises on a Super Pro.

“I also started the 100-mile route, which included a run up 3,800-foot Mt. Diablo,” Ted says. “I caught up to a guy on a 12-pound bike with Lightweight wheels right at the top, and he just out sprinted me at the top. I have to say, it is fun to see people’s double take when they see someone 20-inch wheels.”

Next up for this dynamic duo, the Canary Challenge Anti-Cancer Ride on September 29, sponsored by the Canary Foundation.

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