Crusoe Ride Along

David Webber (left) and his friend Lance Ziegler.

Bike Friday owner David Webber kicked off the New Year on the Mt. Airy ride January 1st in Maryland.

To give you a feel of what a group ride is like on a Bike Friday Crusoe, he posted a video on YouTube.

Here’s his description of what you’ll see:

“Initial 15 minutes of the 36 mile group heading out. Riding my Bike Friday Crusoe and recorded with Fly6 video at 720p. Then the ride telemetry added using Garmin Virb Edit and 15 minutes of greenscreen from Virb camera combined with the GPS track. The whole thing is then put together and produced using the OpenShot software. The telemetry is about 15 seconds ahead – so it shows what is about to happen. This is mainly about showing the concepts here rather than precise production details. Plus of course you get to ride a Bike Friday on a group ride and see how that rolls. Enjoy and Happy New Year biking.



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