CPSC Lifts tikit Recall


Dear tikit owners:

A little more than a year has passed since we asked you to stop riding your Bike Friday tikits because of safety issues with our stems. I’m proud to say that we have satisfied the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission official recall, and it has been lifted on Oct. 20, 2013.

By no means does this mean we are walking away from our responsibility to see that each and every Bike Friday tikit on the road has a safe stem.

Searching through our records, we found and replaced 2,147 stems out of a possible 4,000; that is more than 50 percent. The CPSC tells us that a typical recall results in 10-15 percent compliance. We still want to make it 100 percent.

If, by chance, we’ve somehow missed you, which is a possibility given how massive a challenge this has been, please contact us immediately. Service@bikefriday.com (do not comment on this forum, it is not monitored because of the date of posting.)

We also ask that you check with anyone you know who owns a tikit to confirm they have had their stem replaced. We even suggest you ask anyone you happen to encounter with a tikit, just to make sure.

As you know, each tikit stem we have replaced takes an hour of work in our production line and is performed by one of three individuals with the skills here to do that. Contrary to some rumors, we have done all the replacement work here at our factory in Eugene.

The challenge was to keep our company in business, so we can provide support for our bicycles well into the future. We’ve managed to succeed.

As a small business owner, I know we couldn’t have survived this without the amazing support of our customers. So many of you were gracious enough to allow others to move ahead of you in line since they rely on their tikits for every day use. We thank you again your help, and for sticking with us.

Best in cycling,
Alan Scholz

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  1. Hi there

    I have a tikit bought directly from you and sent to Australia where I live. I’ve only now seen this recall notice when I was googling tikit.

    How can I go about getting my bike serviced and the stem replaced?

    Yours sincerely,

    Robbie Singleton

  2. Hi,
    I volunteer at a non-profit bike recycler (Bike Pirates) and we had a Tikit with the Pac-Man clamp donated to us. We would like to find it a new home but we need to know if the re-called part was replaced. (The donor didn’t know.) The name plate says that it was custom built for “Big Trouble”

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