Check out the latest from Lynette Chiang on Bike Friday owner Lon Haldeman:
By Lynette Chiang
This one’s for BF Desert Campers and fans of Lon Haldeman/PACTOUR.
I’m just back from an assignment in Peru videoing PACTOUR’s many, many charitable projects for schools, orphans and streetkids there. He also sponsors two local women cycling champs who are training for the Olympics. Here’s the 90 sec trailer on the brand new Pactour YouTube channel (PacTrack) – do leave a nice encouraging comment there for Lon
Here’s the trip itself that you can do with PACTOUR
My account:
I’m now on a 20-min DVD that will hopefully attract donations to continue this work. So feel free to contact him and offer to donate – or do a/the tour with him. Fun stuff!

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