Bicycle Times review of Bike Friday


When Bicycle Times contacted Bike Friday to do a review, they focused their attention on our Travel System.

Online Editor Adam Newman wanted to see what it was really like to fly with your Bike Friday in a Travel Case, then transform the Travel Case into a Trailer, and explore.

Adam had the system for a few months, and used it when he flew out from their headquarters in Pittsburgh to attend Interbike in Las Vegas.

Adam’s review appears in the December issue of Bicycle Times. We thought we’d share a few excerpts:

“We’ve ridden and written about some folding bikes in the past year — and there are more on the way — but Bike Friday stands out as the first one I’ve sampled that performs as well as a traditional bike….

“All the contact points match my regular bike exactly. If I were riding blindfolded, I could probably still tell it apart from one with larger wheels, but not by much….

“As a unit, the Bike Friday New World Tourist and Travel Case really impressed me. I was able to bring it with me across the country and enjoy riding ‘my own’ bike in a distant city….

“I would not hesitate to recommend it for general commuting or open road riding as well.”

— Adam Newman
Bicycle Times

His first impressions appear here

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