Sporks On Wheels’ Tandem Family Adventure.


From flat tires to freezing winds, the challenges Sporks On Wheels faced during their 3-month trip were countless, but their determination did not weaken. “There’s beauty in nature that can only be appreciated while riding on two wheels at 7 mph” Jose, Alina, Ademi, Arsen & Arlan shared about their experience during their tandem family adventure.  Their journey began after Jose’s distinguished retirement in October 2023.  Starting in Idaho, their journey then saw them pedal through Utah, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and even made their way to Florida on their three Bike Friday (Two’sDayFamily Tandem + Diamond Llama.)

All of their supplies lived inside panniers attached their two tandems with front and rear racks. The Diamond Llama served as a single person bike that could be adjusted to fit each of them.

Along the way the scenic views they witnessed and support they received from local communities kept them pedaling forward even when the pedaling turned to pushing their bikes up some challenging hills. The local communities they met throughout their adventure welcomed them with open arms, free truck rides and warm places to stay. In one instance, after struggling to find a camp spot in Cedar Creek, Utah, they met a local gentleman named Colby who generously offered for them to stay at his own house, located about 10 miles away. They packed their bikes in the back of his pick up and enjoyed a warm night’s sleep and formed a new friendship.

When flat tires needed to be repaired or saddles needed to be replaced, they took the time to meet the people at local bike shops, like Zen Bikes in Del Rio, Texas, forming unique relationships with each community they met.

Recounting one of the toughest days at the start of their journey they shared: “As soon as we got on the road, the wind picked up and made our journey to Utah seem impossible. It took us 7 hours to pedal 26 miles, out of which we walked 10 miles as it was difficult to pedal with that headwind and loaded bikes. It was one of the challenges that we faced on our journey, but it made us stronger and closer. It was one of the lessons for us and our kids that no matter what life throws at you it makes you stronger you just need to continue and push forward, the difficulties in life are reminders that we should always enjoy little things in our life as we don’t know what life brings tomorrow.”

Recalling another challenging moment at the beginning of their journey, they shared “The kids pushed so hard today and pedaled 37 miles in 6 hours on I84 from Snowville to Tremonton, Utah and they kept it safe while having tons of fun by pumping their fists in the air in the so called “trucker salute” and caught the attention of over 100 big rig drivers, and truckers responded with a loud bellow of their air horn, which kept us motivated to pedal up the hills non stop.”


The bad moments were quickly outweigh by the once in a lifetime moments shared as a family. Especially for their three kids, this experience was a learning opportunity. They visited zoos in San Antonio and even toured the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, TX. This enriching exploration through Corpus Christi led them to a local artist decorating bakery windows for Christmas, she recommended checking out Hype Bike, a fantastic cycling shop in town. They met Nelson, the owner, who kindly invited them to an evening ride around town. This warm welcome reminded them of the kindness one can encounter on two wheels.


Some nights saw them all huddled under one tent, reminiscing on that day’s challenge over dinner. Their exhausted sighs were always accompanied with a cheerful laugh, proving that despite the challenge we may face, laughing it off is always a great option. Though they spent Thanksgiving and Christmas on the road, the fact that they were all together made it all worth it. Their Thanksgiving feast was simple—microwaved ham and potato salad—yet it held a banquet of memories. “Reflecting on past celebrations, we reminisced about the incredible people we’ve met and the funniest moments along our odyssey. Gratitude overflowed for this meal, the warmth of new friendships, the enduring love of family, and the unwavering spirit of our adventure.” They shared on their Instagram.

After successfully completing their trip at the beginning of 2024, they traveled to Puerto Rico to enjoy the sun and their achievement as a family.

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