Bike Friday Diamond Llama Folding Bike

Diamond Llama

This bike is a rugged expedition touring bike that’s been ridden across continents with all road surfaces (pavement, gravel and dirt).  It is our burliest bike and designed to take wide tires up to 2.2 inch, plus heavier loads for rough terrain. Frame takes front and rear racks. With heavy rider upgrade added it fits big and tall riders up to 330lbs.

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2. Contact us for Free Consultation with a Bike Expert

3. Choose “Advanced Bike Builder” for bike geeks who love research




About the Diamond Llama

This is our burliest frame made for adventure – especially when the pavement ends. It handles gravel grinding, snow and dirt trails particularly well for 20-inch wheels (with the appropriate tires). It’s ready to accompany you on a fully-loaded tour, hundreds of miles across a continent, or exploring your favorite old logging roads. We only use industry standard components (zero proprietary parts) to make the bike easier to maintain over a long life of use.

The Diamond Llama is one of the only folding bikes in the world that can take a heavier rider. Most folding bike companies design to max around 230lbs total rider weight. Bike Friday creates models for rugged use with up to 330lbs max rider weight (with custom frame upgrades). The standard diamond frame is built for riders up to 260-lbs. We want to help every rider find a bike that fits them.

Select Options for Your Bike:



Choose your frame color: 


bike friday folding bike color options for the diamond llama


There are many more colors available if you order your bike as ‘Full Custom’ when working with a Bike Friday Expert. The ‘Color Viewer’ below shows our whole color palette, regular and full custom, together.




Sizing Your Bike To Fit Perfectly
We build your bike from raw tubing and cut all parts to your sizing. Once you place your order online a Bike Friday expert will contact you for custom sizing. The sizing form we will go over with you is HERE

Upgrade and Accessory Options:


Electric Assist Option:

You can add an electric assist to this bike. It is a front hub motor pedal assist style and comes with a 36V battery with ~60km (37mile) range. This hub motor system replaces the front hub in the front wheel. (In 2023 there may be an airline checkable LIGO battery available, but not currently)


More details on the hub motor:

  • No motor resistance
  • Very light! Adds only ~ 11 lbs to your bike
  • Very Quiet!
  • Disc brake compatible (except Avid’s)



Rack Options:


Rear Rack:

This rear rack takes standard pannier bags and has plenty of clearance for use with the Bike Friday Under-bag and a 55-pound weight limit.

Front Rack Info:

Fits standard panniers. This strong & light front rack is made of 3/8″ tubular 4130 Chromoly steel.  Rated for 25lbs each side. A must for a properly weighted touring bike for front /rear best weight balance and ride control.


Travel System Options:

Travel Case plus packing materials: to protect your bike while traveling


Travel Trailer added to Travel Case:

The Bike Friday Travel Trailer frame can be added as a choice to the Travel Case to make a full travel system. The Travel Trailer includes everything you need to make a  Travel Case into a tow-ready trailer. The system includes the aluminum trailer frame, two (12″) wheels, protective socks for packaging and one reflective flag and thumb nuts to connect your travel suitcase.

The trailer package also comes with a rear hub axle mounted hitch. This hitch can be used in place of a bike-specific hitch, or as a connection method on another bike so you can swap your trailer system quickly to another bike. There is a male air nipple included as well (integrated into the axle hitch).

The gross weight limit for the trailer is 75 pounds. This includes the weight of the trailer (6.7lbs/2.95 kg) and the average case weight is 13lbs, so the total capacity for your gear is 55lbs.

All felt packing bags and blankets are made from Eco-Fi fleece, a product made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.



travel bag with folded bike friday

Soft Travel Bag:

The travel bag is now 10 inches wider to fit larger frames and tire sizes and now features side cinch straps and stuffs into its own pocket. The Bike Friday Travel Bag allows you to easily carry or store your Bike Friday. Quick-fold your bike, fit it into its durable bag, and zip up! Black nylon coated pack fabric. Two sturdy woven handles and an adjustable shoulder strap allow you to carry your bike onto the bus, train or elevator with ease. A good way to keep it protected in the trunk of your vehicle too. Fits all single Bike Fridays. Wt: 672 grams. Rolls up to 4 1/2″ diameter, 14″ long. Proudly made here in Eugene, Oregon.


How to order your bike on this page:

  1. Follow all the steps in the drop-down menus above then “Add to cart” and follow steps in your cart to purchase.
  2. A Bike Friday Expert will follow up with you to determine your sizing, pick-up /ship date (production takes 5-7 weeks on average) and confirm any other needed details about your order.
  3. Then you get your bike!



Additional Ways to Order with More Options:

We offer many more options than we can post here without overwhelming people. We can likely build what you are looking for. Just contact us and tell a friendly Bike Expert what you are looking for. You can also do more exploring on your own first by clicking on the “Advanced Designer for bike geeks” button to find our bike configurator.

Bike Friday 10 Year Warranty
We have a strong warranty on our frames against defects in material and/or workmanship for 10 years. Warranty is non-transferable. Bicycle components (excluding tires, chain, cables, etc.) generally have a 1-year limited warranty. CLICK HERE for full warranty information.

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Bike Friday
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Anne

Several years ago I converted my Pocket Llama to an eBike. I used a local company in my home town called Park City Electric to convert my Bike Friday. It cost me an additional $2K to do the retrofit. $1.7K for battery and motor. $300.00 for the conversion labor. I have been amazed how well the geometry and steel frame of my Bike Friday Pocket Llama has accommodated the transition to a road/gravel eBike. I have a smile on my face whenever I take my converted eBike Friday to the grocery store, to a rendezvous with a friend, for a town errand, to a trailhead. My question to all is: why use a 4000 lb. vehicle to transport a 150 lb. individual when you can have the enjoyment of using an 45 lb. eBike. The conversion added some weight to the bike; but the motor has no problem handling the additional weight. Thanks Bike Friday for a great bicycle.


 by Kelly K
Great Service and Product

I am very late writing a review. I have a llama and have to say, it’s an incredible bike. Well assembled with a high attention to detail. Almost more importantly, I received stellar customer service AFTER my purchase and delivery. Customer service is often severely lacking these days post purchase but I couldn’t be happier with the level of support I received from Bike Friday. Keep up the good work!! Thanks!

 by David Fitzgerald
I finally have a bike that fits perfectly

I am extremely happy with my Bike Friday Pocket Llama and my only regret is not buying one 15 years ago.  The ordering process was smooth and I found all the staff at Bike Friday to be very knowledgeable and helpful.  Communication was excellent and they met their production timelines.  And, I thought the cost was very fair for a custom bicycle.  The company and bike has exceeded my expectations. My Pocket Llama was originally purchased as a travel bike.  Being a lifelong cyclist I grew tired of poor fitting rentals. Over many years I have dialed in an upright riding position that is ideal for my style of riding.  I provided Bike Friday with accurate measurements of my “favorite” bike and they duplicated the position on the Pocket Llama.  I’m on the tall side and was concerned that something might not be right but they nailed it. We have a lot of poorly maintained roads on Oahu so I wanted the fattest tires possible for a cushy ride.  The Pocket Llama offers the widest tire clearance of the various models.  The ride is very smooth and comfortable. At home in Hawaii I have a Bionx system installed.  But, the motor is too heavy to travel with and airlines will not allow the battery.  So, when I travel the Bionx system stays at home. I love to ride the bike paths in Boulder, Colorado.  I finally have a bike that fits perfectly and is super comfortable.  On my last trip I was surprised how many compliments the Bike Friday received.  I’m talking heads turning, pedestrians stopping to admire it, and positive comments from the young and old.  It really says something when you hear that many compliments in a bike town like Boulder.  My last trip to Boulder was extra special thanks to Bike Friday!
David Fitzgerald,
Kaneohe, Hawaii

Page 1 of 3:

Additional information

Folded Size

Quick Folds in 30 seconds to fit into a small space, 32 x 24 x 12” (varies slightly with frame size and component selections)

Easy to Travel with

Will disassemble to fit into a standard airline check-able Samsonite suitcase. 31 x 21 x 12” (varies slightly with frame size and component selections)

Rider Size

Bike is hand built to fit your body measurements of height, weight, inseam and riding style. Effective Top Tube range of 48cm-62cm. The standard diamond frame is built for riders up to 260-lbs. The heavy rider upgrade strengthens the frame for taller riders and riders up to 330lbs.

Component Brands

We use quality components from reputable brands like FSA, Tektro, KMC, Uno/Kalloy, Microshift, Schwalbe, as well as other OEM partners. Due to supply chain disruptions, we must sometimes make substitutions of similar or greater quality and function. Please speak to our Bike Experts for specific component requests.

Rack/Accessory Upgrades

Takes front and rear racks and 3 bottle cages and many other standard accessories

Microshift Drivetrain

1×9 speed, cassette 11-34, 53t chainring, 170mm crankset, sealed bearing BB
2×9 speed, cassette 11-34, 53t/39t chainrings, 170mm crankset, sealed bearing BB


1-1/8" FSA


Schwalbe Road Cruiser 20" x 1.75" w/ Shraeder valve tubes


wide 24mm+ 406mm rims, laced 3-cross to 36 hole hubs. Can be converted to tubeless.


Disc brakes: 160mm mechanical


56cm flat bars -or- 50cm Bike Friday H-bars
Microshift trigger shifters, 2-finger brake levers, ergonomic grips

Miscellaneous Components

1-1/8" headset, 28.6mm seatpost, comfort saddle, platform pedals

10 reviews for Bike Friday Diamond Llama Folding Bike

  1. Kaya serchan

    Hello , could you please tell me hw much Total weight the pocket llama van Carry that is including rider and luggage.

    Kind Regards , Kaya

    • Walter

      Kaya, since you are asking about the Pocket Llama on the Diamond Llama page, I’m going to assume you are aware of the distinction and are indeed asking about the Pocket Llama. This now discontinued model could handle a rider up to 230 pounds. As for rack weight, it depends on racks, but if you use disassembling and folding racks, it’s 50 in the front and 55 pounds in the rear. If you really mean the Diamond Llama, the “additional information” tab should answer your question.

  2. Hong Chur Ui

    Hello , could you please tell me the size of frame in the picture.

    Kind Regards , churui

  3. Walter


    There are multiple pictures so it’s hard to say. Chances are they are 56cm (effective top tube) as that tends to be the most common size. In any case, we customize the fit for the individual rider, so we can get you the right thing no matter what.

  4. shenc1990

    Hi BikeFriday, is the hub spacing of DLlama 100mm front and 135mm rear?

    • Walter

      100mm spacing is standard across all of our current models. 135mm rear is to be expected with discs. With non-disc hubs, the ones we usually get are 130mm, but I’ve seen some 135s. We set the spacing to the customer’s needs.

  5. Nik

    Hi, is this bike also available with a mid drive tsdz2 or does it not fit?

    • Walter

      Nik, while the TSDZ2 can technically fit, it would prohibit the bike from folding, so it’s not a combination we sell. The hub motor does just as good of a job of powering the bike, though!

  6. Luciani

    Hello! How heavy is the pocket llama when completely folded? I’m shipping one to a friend and am trying to estimate the shipping costs. P.S. I’m aware that the pocket llama is different from the diamond llama, I just couldn’t find another place to post my question. Thank you!

    • Walter

      Luciani, every bike is different, so it’s hard to say. It would be best to look up the individual bike. Contact with the frame number and they can give you an answer. Better yet: just weigh it yourself! Weigh yourself on a scale, then hold the bike and weigh yourself on the scale. Subtract the difference and you have your answer.

  7. Enrique

    Hi, what would be the total weight of the bike with fender, racks (front and back) and kickstand? if the bike is configured with the heavy rider option how much varies in the weight of the bike?

    • Walter

      Enrique, the basic configuration with fenders, racks, and kickstand would be about 28.75 pounds. The heavy rider option adds just under 2 pounds.

  8. Xion

    Hi, what are some differences between the Diamond Llama and the All-Packa? From the pictures I noticed that the top tube diameter on the Diamond Llama was wider, and it seems like they have difference forks.
    Are they made from the same type of steel?
    Can the All-Packa also be setup with a rear rack, and be capable of light loaded touring?
    Can they both be modified for Gates carbon drive?

    • Walter

      Xion, they’re really different bikes even though they have a similar visual design. The Diamond Llama is probably best thought of as a New World Tourist meant for people who weigh more than 220 pounds. The All-Packa is best thought of as the one model we have designed to work off road. The Diamond Llama, in general, has heavier tubing, though it’s the same steel alloy used on both bikes. The Diamond Llama can handle up to 2.1″ tires while the All-Packa can handle up to 2.4″ tires. Though both bikes can handle front and/or rear racks and work well for loaded touring, the All-Packa is special in that it has mounts for bikepacking gear, meaning you can carry your stuff without racks on the bike. Again, this is a benefit for off road riding. None of the All-Packa’s off road features limit its ability to function on road, though. Neither bike can handle the Gates carbon drive. If that’s what you want, there’s a special version of the New World Tourist we make. And with disc brakes, it can handle the same tire clearance as the Diamond Llama. Hope that helps.

  9. Enrique

    im 90 kgs and im. planning to use fully loaded bike for touring, do you recommend go for the version for heavy riders or the normal option is enough? the 260 pounds are rider only? or rider + luggage + bike not to exceed the 260?

  10. Enrique

    would it be possible to habe a shimano deore xt 3×10? would you recommend it?

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