Bike Friday Tandem Two’sDay Folding Travel Bike

The Tandem Two’sDay

This incredible tandem is not only a high performance ride, built to your exact measurements, that packs in two airline travel cases – it also folds to fit in a car trunk! You don’t need a rack to carry this tandem safely in your personal vehicle. There is nothing else like it in the world.

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Your love for travel and riding a bike with a friend has brought you to this point. This tandem is great for touring your town or exploring a continent with your companion. It folds to fit in the back of almost any vehicle with a healthy trunk and packs into two travel cases for airline travel as checked luggage. It truly is the perfect tandem for seeing the world. Things are always better when done with a friend.


    • Custom sized to fit your body for both the Captain and the Stoker
    • Folds for easy storage and transport into a space 33x37x17” (84x94x43 cm)
    • Low step-over height makes it easy to get on and off
    • Folding the Two’sDay for transport, as well as packing in 2 suitcases for flight, is far faster and easier than dealing with couplers that other bikes require.
    • Industry Standard Parts for ease of repair in case of emergency

For 2022 the Two’sDay comes stock with a wide range 27 speed Microshift drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes. Please see the “Additional Info” tab for more Specifications.

Select Options for Your Bike:


Choose your frame color: 


There are many more colors available if you order your bike ‘Full Custom’ when working with a Bike Friday Expert. The ‘Color Viewer’ below shows our whole color palette, regular and full custom, together.


Sizing Your Bike To Fit Perfectly
We build your bike from raw tubing and cut all parts to your sizing. Once you place your order online a Bike Friday expert will contact you for custom sizing. The sizing form we will go over with you is HERE

Upgrade and Accessory Options:


Electric Assist Option:

You can add an electric assist to this bike with a front hub motor. This is a Class I pedal assist and comes with a 430Whr 36V battery with ~90km (55mile) range. This front hub motor system replaces the front hub in the front wheel. (In 2023 there may be an airline checkable LIGO battery available, but not currently)

Features of the 350W front hub motor:

  • No motor resistance or increased drivetrain wear, unlike a Shimano or Bosch mid-drive system
  • Very light! The whole system adds only ~ 11 lbs to your bike
  • With purchase of a third wheel, quickly convert your ebike back to a regular bike

With carefully considered design details throughout, like the industry-standard bottom bracket shell and bikepacking-style battery mount, your Bike Friday is the most adaptable and future-proof ebike on the market today. Want to upgrade your battery or motor five years from now? There’s no need to worry about proprietary standards!


Rack Options: Made-In-House with Chromoly Steel



Rear Rack:

Our rear rack takes standard panniers, has a 55-pound weight limit, and has plenty of clearance under the rack for use with the Bike Friday Under-bag. And it packs flat to easily fit in a suitcase with the bike.

Front Rack:

Fits standard panniers. Rated for 25lbs each side. A must for a properly weighted touring bike for best front/rear weight balance and ride control. And it packs flat to easily fit in a suitcase with the bike.



Travel Cases:

Two travel cases come with packing material to protect the frame while packed.

Bike Friday packing materials for folding bikeBike Friday Two'sday Tandem Bike



Soft Travel Bag:

The Bike Friday Travel Bag allows you to easily carry or store your Bike Friday. Partially Disassemble your Family Tandem, fit it into its durable bag, and zip up! Black nylon coated pack fabric. Two sturdy woven handles and an adjustable shoulder strap allow you to carry your bike onto the bus, train or elevator with ease. A good way to keep it protected in the trunk of your vehicle too. Fits all tandem Bike Fridays. Wt: 800 grams. Rolls up to 5 1/2″ diameter, 14″ long. Proudly made here in Eugene, Oregon.


How to order your bike on this page:

  1.  Follow all the steps in the drop-down menus above then “Add to cart” and follow steps in your cart to purchase.
  2.  A Bike Friday Expert will follow up with you to determine your sizing, pick-up /ship date (production takes 5-7 weeks on average) and confirm any other needed details about your order.
  3. Then you get your bike!



Additional Ways to Order with More Options:

We offer many more options than we can post here without overwhelming people. We can likely build what you are looking for. Just contact us and tell a friendly Bike Expert what you are looking for. You can also do more exploring on your own first by clicking on the “Advanced Designer for bike geeks” button to find our bike configurator.

Bike Friday 10 Year Warranty
We have a strong warranty on our frames against defects in material and/or workmanship for 10 years. Warranty is non-transferable. Bicycle components (excluding tires, chain, cables, etc.) generally have a 1-year limited warranty. CLICK HERE for full warranty information.

Bob & Kris take their Family Tandem out for a beautiful Autumn ride.

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Bike Friday
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by David Leighton
Green Gear stands by its product...

My wife and I have enjoyed our Two's Day for many years - somehow she finds it much easier to ride, while I get a more stringent workout... It's very nice to have someone to talk to while you are peddling, and I no longer crash looking over my shoulder trying to figure out where my wife is on individual bikes! The bike comes with a 10 year frame warranty, and Green Gear really stands by it! The bike had been very reliable for a long time, when about 17 miles into our Great Allegheny Passage adventure the rear hinge snapped, making the bike unrideable (the chain popped off with the slightest pressure on the peddles due to the bike frame flexing). Fortunately for us we were only a mile past Ohiopyle, and after pushing the bike back we were able to rent a couple of bikes from Wilderness Voyageurs (a nice company who rescued us! I recommend them too!) and complete our multi-day trip. On returning home we looked up the warranty - and as our bike was only a bit over 9 years old (and had 5700 miles on it) Green Gear said yep, it's covered! We just shipped the rear end to them, they re-welded the hinge, and sent it back. It took some time as they are backed up, but we were able to catch the end of the fall colors around here, and the bike worked great. The only cost to us was the shipping to them. Altogether a positive experience (although we were certainly lucky about where it failed).

They said that they've only had a couple of other hinge failures over the years, so it's probably good for quite a few more thousands of miles and hundreds of folds. It certainly looks as good as new. We look forward to traveling with the bike for as long as we are still able to ride...

 by Richard Hill
Peace in the family

I love to bike and my wife of over 50 years hates it. We are in our mid 70's now and her balance is probably too poor to ride even if she had wanted to. We got the folding tandem over a year ago and have been delighted with it. She loves nature but can't walk very far so she is very happy to get out on the bike and feels secure. We simply pop it into the trunk, pull it out and go. The only problem I have is the rear chain usually comes off when it is folded. We have a hub gear. After taking off both seats, I first fold the rear wheel back, lift that part into the SUV and then fold the front under it and loosen the front handle bars and tuck them in. Although we did buy the travel bag, we don't use it for short trips as this is so easy and we don't have to lay things out in the mud.
The only problem I've seen is that the chain to the hub often comes off. I'll try to rig some sort of tensioner on it to keep it on both sprockets when it is folded, but wondered if you had any other suggestions.
I am otherwise really pleased with this technique and as so many of us have SUV's now it is quick, clean and easy. I usually do this alone without any help, so it is a one person job. We had a lot of help from our local shop in making the proper choices given our current abilities and disabilities.
I should mention that I have two other folding bikes, a brompton and a full sized one. The issue with the small tires really has more to do with inflation pressure. I can ride the brompton on dirt trails, but have to reduce the tire pressure. It is slower than the full sized. The tires on the tandem are quite adequate for the dirt paths we use even at full pressure. We elderly aren't winning any races but we are outside enjoying ourselves.

(From BF: This video should help with keeping the chain on when folding.)

 by Melvyn
Looking forward to riding this more in the future

I received my Tandem and impressed at how easy it is to put together and set up. After going for a shakedown ride, I was very happy with how manageable it is with one rider. My wife who is really a bike novice went out on her first tandem ride today. She thought that it was easy to get the hang of, and less intimidating once we got started.

The portability is a real plus and we look forward to going on rides in the countryside in the future.

I really am very happy with this purchase - it really delivered!

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Additional information

Total Bike Weight

Starts at 40 lbs with standard 27 speed components to 51lbs when electric assist is included. Weight depends on your frame size and choice of options on your bike.

Rider Size

Bike is hand built to fit your body measurements of height, weight, inseam and riding style. Effective Top Tube range of 48cm-62cm. Stoker Effective Top Tube range of 27"-32" (68cm-81cm) Weight limits are high and are a case-by-case basis.

Folding Size

Folds in 2 minutes for easy storage and transport into a space 33x37x17” (84x94x43 cm) (varies slightly with frame size and component selections)

Makes Travel Easy

Folding the Two’sDay for transport, as well as packing in two suitcases for flight, is far faster and easier than dealing with couplers that other bikes require. Suitcase dimensions: 31 x 21 x 12”

Component Brands

We use quality components from reputable brands like FSA, Tektro, KMC, Uno/Kalloy, Microshift, Schwalbe, as well as other OEM partners. Due to supply chain disruptions, we must sometimes make substitutions of similar or greater quality and function. Please speak to our Bike Experts for specific component requests.

Rack/Accessory Upgrades

Takes front and rear racks, and 4 bottle cages, and many other standard accessories

Microshift Drivetrain

3×9 speed, cassette 11-34, 52t/42t/30t chainrings, 170mm cranksets, sealed bearing BB, left-side tandem drive timing chain


Schwalbe Road Cruiser 20" x 1.75" w/ Schrader valve tubes


wide 24mm+ 406mm rims, hand laced 3-cross to 36 hole disc hubs


Mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors. The rotors' effective power is massive on 20" wheels!


Captain: 56cm flat bars -or- 46cm/50cm Bike Friday H-bars
Stoker: 60cm 4" rise bars -or- 46cm/50cm Bike Friday H-bars
Microshift trigger shifters, two-finger brake levers, ergonomic grips

Miscellaneous Components

1-1/8" FSA sealed cartridge headset, 28.6mm captain seatpost, 27.2 stoker seatpost, comfort OEM saddle, platform pedals

4 reviews for Bike Friday Tandem Two’sDay Folding Travel Bike

  1. Ujjal Kohli

    Can you please custom build me one with the Enviolo Automatiq shifter with Bosch or equivalent mid motor?

    • Walter

      Ujjal: No on Enviolo. We used to offer that company’s products but had numerous complaints and thus stopped offering them for the sake of our customers. Also, no on any mid-drive on the TwosDay as it needs crossover cranks to fold and they are necessarily incompatible with a mid-drive. If you don’t care about folding (or the fact that a mid-drive will make the cranks get out of sync), you can go for the Family Tandem which does break down and can work with a mid-drive (and we do have one that puts out equivalent power to a Bosch). We can also get you some other internal hub.

  2. Aldwin

    Does Bike Friday tandem Two’sDay folding has independent pedaling for both Captain and the Stoker?

    • Walter

      Aldwin: we do not include independent pedaling by default. It’s an option that we can include when the parts are available, as there is only one manufacturer that makes something applicable. Unless you have some physical limitation that requires it, I do not recommend it. It will limit your gearing and it will keep the captain from knowing where the stoker’s inside pedal is on turns, which can lead to disaster.

  3. Sascha


    do you think it’s possible to fit the foldable Tandem in ONE suitcase?

    Thank you

    • Walter


      While the tandem can fit in one case, it is much more difficult to pack it away and we have no instructions for it. Since a tandem implies two riders and since each passenger of a plane has a baggage allowance, it typically works out well to use two suitcases. It also allows the storage of accessories and extra items.

  4. Walter B Saul II

    We are interested in this bike. What is your lead time for fulfilling an order? How long would we have to wait?
    In Christ, Walter Saul

    • Walter

      Walter, the best I can do is give you a rough approximation. We’re generally about 2-3 months out. Our schedule is dynamic, so if we get a sudden glut of orders, it can be pushed farther out, while adding extra capacity can pull things in. We also can, at times, accommodate expedited orders for a fee. The best way to answer your question is to consult with one of our salespeople and tell them your particular timing needs.

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