2 thoughts on “Pakit 8 Speed Black ready to ride view

  1. John tjoelker


    Do you still offer the silk combination with 8 speed internal hub in the Packit version. I am a heavy weight rider at 230 lbs put loosing. Also I am 6’-1” height. What would the bike weigh to meet those criteria?

    1. Walter

      John, the Silk technically refers to a variation of the New World Tourist or Pocket Rocket that can accept a belt drive. The pakiT does come in a version that can accept a belt, but we don’t call it a Silk per se. Unfortunately, the only model that we have that would work for your weight would be the Diamond Llama and it cannot support a Gates belt drive. We could do an internal hub with it if you like, but it would need to be with a chain. Veer has a belt that can split which would render it compatible with the frame, but it’s not only something untested but the available cog sizes aren’t really appropriate for a smaller wheel.


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