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  1. Marieanne Jan Luber

    Requesting a set of fenders that will fit a 1996 model “Companion” BikeFriday (20″ Wheels) if still available for purchase. Thank you.

      1. Jacquolyn Duerr

        I have a Pocket Rocket Pro and am in need of fenders. The SKS Velo 55 fenders are out of stock on SKS website, so I need to order them from Bike Friday. In addition to the fenders, do this come with any mounting hardware?

        1. Walter

          Jacquolyn, mounting hardware is included. Note with the bikes with 451 wheels, we trim the stock fender a bit to make it fit with the front brake, so you probably want to order direct from us. Contact our service department and they can get you taken care of.


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