What does a bicycle call its dad? A: Pop-cycle

Bike Friday Family Tandem on an adventure in New Zealand

Family adventure abounds in this on-going story which will soon(we hope) be turned into a book.  Enjoy this amazing families story done on two Bike Friday Tandem Bikes…the adventure of a lifetime for these two kids, who, have seen more adventure in their short years than many have seen in their whole life. Forget Ms. […]

The Under Rack Bag: An In-depth Look.

As builders of folding bikes we’re all about innovation and economizing space. Allow us to introduce you to our latest space-saving invention, The Under Rack Bag. The Under Rack Bag  is a clandestine storage unit that sits directly underneath the deck on the rear of our cargo bike, the Haul-a-Day. Strap on a couple of […]