Spinning out with 62-tooth chainrings

Posted: 2011-04-13


I have the AirFriday with front 62- and 52-tooth chainrings. With a tailwind or downhills, I spin out. Do you have a chainring greater than 62-tooth available? I am already using a rear 11-tooth cog.


At the moment, 62-tooth is as big as we can get. We are working with a manufacturer to have rings up to 66 teeth made for us.


At the moment, the only solution I can suggest is the use of a 10-tooth cog conversion. A 10-tooth cog takes the place of the lockring and would make about a 10% in your high end gearing. This conversion is somewhat complex as it invoves respacing the axle and dishing the wheel. The 10-tooth cog itself is US$60 and labor for the conversion would run about US$50, at the time of this writing.