How to open the Tektro v-style brakes

Posted: 2001-05-17

By: Bike Friday staff member Wolf Moritz


How do I open my Tektro v-style brakes?


If your Bike Friday has the “v”-style brakes by Tektro, it features strong brakes with an unlocking mechanisim different from more traditional brakes. See the photograph in the Document Library (link below) to see if your brakes match.

  1. Stand on the right side of your Bike Friday. With your left hand push the right side brake arm towards the rim until the brake pad touches the rim.
  2. Pull the small silver tube back and away from the wheel with your right hand.
  3. As the cable clears the end of the small rectangular box, lift the cable tube up. The cable will slide out of the keyhole shaped slot at the end of the rectangular box.

Reverse these steps to reassemble your brakes. Always check to make sure your brakes are assembled before you start riding!