Headset needing frequent adjustment


I have a NWT. About every 30 miles or so the headset comes loose, and I mean loose. I tighten it down with the 2 rather short wrenches you provide(we have another NWT) and it recurs. The other bike has not had this problem; Any thoughts about what I should do next? Should I upgrade to a higher grade/more expensive headset.


It is difficult to tighten the headset nuts against each other with enough torque to adequately lock them.


Professional grade headset wrenches are quite long and make this job much easier. If the threads in the locking nuts are not stripped then they must be working loose enough to move and change the adjustment. A tread locking compound like Loc-Tite can be helpful in maintaining the setting.

Higher grade headsets are easier to adjust and offer smoother operation with longer life because they user better raw materials and closer machining tolerances. The Chris King uses special cartridge bearings.