Featured Build: A Cargo Bike named Avocado Toast


From the personal attention of our Bike Designers, to the focus and craftsmanship of our production team, every worker at Bike Friday knows that every bike we build is special. But not every bike build receives a nick-name before it’s delivered…

As christened by our production team: Avocado Toast.


Rumors spread through the factory about Avocado Toast. Was this a frivolous Millennial indulgence or was there something more to this build? Hanging in the stand the bike certainly looks impressive. While some cargo bikes boast of their capability in neon orange, Avocado Toast says I can do everything that the bigger, heavier overseas bikes can with a fusion of British style and American ingenuity. The classic British Racing Green colorway is set off by the Brooks-supplied touchpoints while the subtle mix of high-end components, like the Chris King Sotto Voce headset, provide the dependability essential to the years of trouble-free use one expects from a cargo bike.


We may have snuck Avocado Toast out of the factory for a few photos. (Not that we recommend taking photos of your food for social media)
Love those tan-wall Maxxis Grifters
Ready to pick up the kids

With the wealth of accessories available for the Haul-a-Day, Bike Friday customizes the mix to suite the needs of the owner. Like many Haul-a-Day riders, this family will be running their kids to school and back, as well as around-town errands. Bike Friday’s Whoopie-Deux bars provide wrap-around security for 2-3 kids (depending on age and backpacks) with a cushy Xtra-cycle Magic Carpet for comfort. Our Big Foot rests provide convenient support for larger passengers or loads.

The wide double kickstand provides a solid foundation for loading and unloading of kids and cargo. Or a comfy perch to relax!
Bike Designer Walter delivering Avocado Toast to the excited owners.  New owner Drew actually told us they just had car trouble and were going to immediately be using the bike as a car-replacement. Good thing they bought a Bike Friday Haul-a-Day when they did…Avocado Toast saves the day!

If you want to roll around on your own custom-built Made In USA cargo bike, this exact build, including components from Thompson, Jones, Avid, Chris King, Shimano 105, and Brooks, is $3629. Electric Assist is available new or as a retro-fit. With a more modest build and the same great frame, the Haul-a-Day starts at $1685. Feeling inspired? Or Hungry? Order an Avocado Toast for yourself! Call 1-800-777-0258 or email info@bikefriday to get started!

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  1. So pretty!!! Someone on the street told me today, as I was stopped at a red light on my Haul-a-day, “That’s a great bike you got” I replied, “I know!” But he insisted, “No, that’s a PERFECT bike!”. I was in a rush and the light turned green, so I just replied:”I knoooooowwww!!!!!”

  2. I like your bicycle design . I m from Singapore in 3rd party logistics doing lady mile delivery . Keen to explore your bike for food n other deliveries

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