Bike Friday “shelters at home” responding to COVID 19


Bike Friday Team
“Shelters at Home”
Responding to COVID-19

(Friday March 20th, 2020)


Hello Bike Friday Community,

These are strange times! Its a sunny spring day and we are all going home to do our responsible part of slowing the COVID-19 virus in our community and supporting our healthcare system.

We will continue answering emails to support service needs and sales questions.


For service:

For sales:  or

For other questions:


Many of our vendors have slowed or delayed business due to the virus and many of our employees families have independently chosen to shelter at home to keep their families safe.

What this means for any orders you have placed with us:

There will be at least a 2+ week delay of current promise dates before we can deliver. We will keep you updated on timing through emails. Sadly, we are not able to build bikes at home (we would love to!!).

What this means for new orders:

New parts orders:

They are on delay 2+ weeks until further update

For new bike orders we are offering a:

Post Corona Relief Discount of 20% for August and September Delivery.
Applies to new bike orders starting now.


We will continue to send updates through email as this situation develops.

Our sales and service team are set up at home looking forward to talking with you. Send an email and they can call you back.

I hope all who are able continue to go outside and ride your bike! Its a wonderfully healthy thing to do for mind and body.

Best in cycling, working together, seeing how we are a connected one world community,

Hanna Scholz
Bike Friday President

P.S. My wish is that this odd time offers opportunity for each of us to remember what is most precious to us and to appreciate it more.

Ever-E-Day is a good day to ride!
Good for your health and good for the planet!
Check out our new electric bike the Ever-E-Day Here.

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