Bike Friday Climate Action


Be Powerful!
Join Bike Friday in Climate Action


At Bike Friday it’s not just about cool bikes. Its about making the world healthier to live in.


Lets get serious together. The children are marching in the streets and we each need to take personal action to live sustainably ASAP! Each one of us can make a difference in the way we live our daily lives.


It will take each of us making many steps to a healthier world and biking for transportation is one of them. You have already taken the first steps by riding a bike as an adult. Thank you!

Bike Friday has chosen to design and build bikes with our planet in mind:

  • Local Manufacturing – All steps from raw tubing to full bike are done in Eugene Oregon USA

  • Choosing steel – Most repairable and recyclable

  • Powdercoat paint – Lowest toxicity, most durable

  • Electric Assist – We don’t think everyone can have an electric car but an electric bike is much more possible


Build to Reduce Waste through:

  • Built to Order – To build only what people want

  • Built to last – One bike can last through the generations


Re-using and repairing bikes also reduces waste:

  • Trade-in program – Supports trading in an old Bike Friday for credit towards a new Bike Friday. The old bike is refurbished at the factory and then re-sold through our Pre-loved Bike Program.

  • Pre-loved Bike Fridays – Help close the waste loop by purchasing a used Bike Friday before a new one. Re-duce, re-use, before recycle. We have several Used Bike Fridays for sale Here.

  • Electric Assist Retrofit – We offer retrofits of electric assist systems to existing Bike Fridays. No need to order a whole new bike to get e-assist if you still love the old bike.


You can read about our commitment to earth values Here. We continue to be driven by this mission in what we build and how we build it.


We designed these bikes to help people live a healthy, low carbon lifestyle.


    We are curious to see how willing the Bike Friday community is to use your personal power for climate action.


    What are you willing to do?

    Are you willing to change your current lifestyle to use less resources and create less pollution? Are you willing to increase your use of your Bike Friday and other healthy forms of transportation towards this end?


    Take Action Now:

    • Share your actions below in the comments on this page to inspire and support others to do the same. We need each others support to make this happen!

    • Also share your story on social media:

      #climateaction  #greengeargreen  #bikefriday

    • Send your pictures and stories to us in an email :


    When we all pedal in the same direction, with all we have, we will move this world forward for the next generation.

8 Responses

  1. Commuted to work by bicycle for over 15 years, putting more miles on the bike friday than the car. Installed a solar system over 10 years ago. Added panels to it after purchasing an electric car over two years ago. Plan to add more and battery storage to go off the grid and disconnect the natural gas a few years from now.
    So I have begun transition to solar, ride a bike rather than driving when practical, drive an electric car, try to reduce and reuse, recycle what can be recycled, and went vegan ( mostly).

    1. Thank you Eric for taking all these action steps and being an example for others to learn and see how it can look. Can you share some simple lessons, insights or tips that you learned through your experience that can support others to take steps more easily themselves? We all need support to make changes.

  2. I drve an electric car, brought utensils to work (instead of using plastic ones in kitchen), use reusable packaging for food and shopping. I recycle as much as possible. All small things, but if everyone does the small things will add up.

    1. Yes! I agree. When all of us do a bunch of small things every day it can add up into a significant positive impact. I have noticed for myself that when I commit to paying attention and looking for small things I can do, to use less resources and create less pollution, then I start to notice opportunities I didn’t notice before and it is easier to take action. This all creates momentum in my life that makes it easier to start taking action on bigger things.

  3. Once I got my pakiT, I sold my car! I spent a year driving it as little as possible, testing out the idea, and just needed the perfect bike to make it possible. With my pakiT so light I can easily take it up stairs to our public transit or carry it inside wherever I go, life without a car became a reality. I also have a Burley Travoy which is use with my single speed dahon (a bike I don’t mind locking on the street in theft-prone Bay Area) to handle shopping and Costco runs. The car was sold in February – and I have not missed it at all. I love being able to bike to meet people and then just quickly fold the pakiT into their trunk, it fits in any car. I also can ride it to a car share vehicle and fold it inside if needed, so I don’t have to stress if I do find I need a car. BF made going car free possible for me.

    As for tips for going car free …Move slowly. You don’t need to make the jump to car free quickly or all at once. Every trip you do by bike is worthwhile. Ask yourself if you CAN do it by bike, and..if not…why not. Can you address those impediments? Maybe you need a different route, or a different cargo system or a different bike. Or maybe you need some electric assist. Make a list of the things which seem to stand in the way of going car-less. Practice using your car as little as possible and your bike as often as you can. Can you manage if you just use a car share or uber once in a while? Can you manage if your bike is easy to use on public transit? Live like you don’t have a car for a couple months and see how it goes. Take your time and work out the problems and you can do it.

    1. Thank you Lin. Reading about how your pakiT has allowed you to go car free brings such a big smile to my face!!! Hooray! Thank you for setting the goal and taking each step to accomplish it. I would love to have a picture of you and your bike and any tips you can share with others that have similar aspirations. I want to share true stories of people using their personal power to change their lives and there for improve our worlds health. You inspire me. My email is

  4. When we first moved into a city apartment, we were stumped about where to store our bikes. They started outside, chained to a fence, and were promptly vandalized. Enter Bike Friday. The compact wheels allowed us to store the bikes in a little alcove next to our front door, even without folding them. Secure storage allowed us to commute to work by bike, and when our 18-year-old car gave up the ghost, we opted not to replace it. We have been car free for over ten years, and our whole family gets to work and school on bikes. Weekends see us on our tandem or as a family of four on quad tandem (no, that one is not a Bike Friday :-). Though we now live in an apartment with great bike storage, we still enjoy our Bike Fridays – we got used to the nimble performance in city traffic.

    1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story about your whole family solving a problem and taking the opportunity of cutting fossil fuel dependence together. A great inspiration to share with others. It is possible even for a whole family. I would love to get a picture of you and your bikes and any tips your learned on your journey that might help others follow in your example. My email is

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