Welcome to the neighborhood


When Jeff Looker and Al Cappello decided to start selling Bike Fridays at their PortaPedal Bike Shop in Tempe, AZ, they weren’t exactly sure what they were in for.

Then Jeff went on the 14th Annual Ride for the Children in April. He rode his Bike Friday and donned a Bike Friday jersey just for good measure.

Bike Friday folding bike on charity ride
PortaPedal’s Jeff Looker at the 14th annual Children’s Ride.

Most of you know what kind of interest that will garner. And it worked.

They quickly learned about the Ahwatukee Bike Club, which happens to have a few Bike Friday owners among its members.

They all got to talking. Jeff and Al invited them over to the shop.

On Wednesday, the gang showed up.

We’ll let Al tell you the rest:

“Had a great visit from the ‘Tukee Fridays’ this morning. The guy on the far right [photo below] is 80 years old and still logging mileage!

We served coffee and homemade trail cookies. They were all happy that we are now in the area.

Hooked up the travel trailer to the Llama, which sparked a lot of interest.”

Jeff Looker (left) with a member of the club.

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