Bike Friday’s Toy Story


When Kirk Toy pops out of his chair, bolts to the door and offers a welcoming hand with a warm smile, it’s more than just the Bike Friday Standard Operating Procedure for greeting a guest.


That’s because Kirk wrote our book on Showroom etiquette.

It’s easy for him.

It comes naturally.

“I don’t know how I came to be this way,” Kirk says, pointing out that he gained quite a reputation in the equestrian world with his service-first approach as a trailer salesman.

“I just know it’s who I am. I just treat other people the way I like to be treated.”

In a way, that’s how Kirk came to be our Showroom Host. Nine years ago he came to Bike Friday to buy a bike. He liked the way he was treated. Now he does the honor.

“My Bike Fridays have allowed me a life change that I am proud of,” says Kirk, who owns five Bike Fridays. “I’m back to my roots. I want people to have that same opportunity.”

Kirk has taken it upon himself to redefine our Factory Showroom Experience so it reflects the unique nature of Bike Friday.

With just a little more than 30 employees, Bike Friday is one of the few Made in USA bicycle manufacturers remaining. We build our folding and travel bicycles at our small factory right in Eugene.

“For the longest time we didn’t have a Showroom,” Co-Founder Alan Scholz says. “If people stopped by, we just took them out in the parking lot and let them ride a bike.”

That core element of the Showroom Experience will never change. Kirk’s priority is to say Thank You to Bike Friday Owners, and let you know how much we appreciate our partnership.

Kirk also has increased his herd of Bike Fridays in the Showroom to 25-30 on any given day, including the hottest new bikes like the Carbon Drive tikit and the Infinity New World Tourist with NuVinci.

Call ahead of time, and Kirk will size you up and set you up with a Bike Friday that fits your body.

Take it for a ride on the Fern Ridge Bike Path, that winds along a creek right behind our building, and see why Eugene always lands on someone’s Top 10 Cities for Bicycling.

When you get back, relax with something to drink. Then let Kirk give you a Factory Tour, so you can meet some of the special people who make this a great place to work.

Our Factory Showroom is open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each weekday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Saturday.

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