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Haul-a-Day Elite

“The Haul-a-Day Elite, a revolutionary long-tail cargo bike set to redefine urban mobility in 2023. It stands as the lightest and most versatile in its class, challenging conventional notions of weight and carrying capacity.” -Momentum Magazine

Starting at 34lbs it carries up to 440lbs. It’s low center of gravity makes getting on and off with a load easy. The frame adjusts to fit people 4ft 9 in to 6ft 6 in. E-assist is an option (starting at 43lbs for front hub motor bike) and you can disassemble the whole bike to pack into a car trunk for travel. Hand made from raw tubing in Oregon USA. Base model starts at 32 lbs (without e-assist).

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Open your mind and drop your assumptions:


Bike Friday Haul-A-Day Elite


A light weight, high performance cargo bike is not an oxymoron! Strong and light CAN go together. This is a cargo bike you will want to ride the long way home after your day of errands.


For 2023 we have done a whole frame and accessory improvement overhaul of the original Bike Friday Haul-a-Day launched on Kickstarter in 2014. Using almost 10 years of customer feedback and racing success in the Disaster Relief Trials (winning more than 7 times in 5 events) we have developed a list of additional features and improvements that make the Haul-a-Day Elite a cargo bike that can do so many things no other cargo bike can.

The new Haul-a-Day Elite is stiffer, lighter, has an equivalent capacity, and handles a heavy load with more stability than the original Haul-a-Day. It retains all the same great features and improves on them by adding more! It also rides great with or with out e-assist.

The base model Haul-a-Day Elite, without e-assist, starts at 34lbs and  comes with several options of gearing, handlebar style and colors. There are two options of e-assist style if you want an additional boost on your bike for any load or hill!

Improvements include:

  • Twin adjustable main-tubes for twice the stiffness and control with heavy loads. Providing a solid, capable, and sturdy ride without adding weight, and allowing one bike frame to adjust to fit a wide size range of riders (4′-9″ to 6′-6″). A totally different sizing universe from other brands.
  • 1lb lighter frame through triangulated space-frame technology.
  • Total weight rating at 440lbs (200kg) (rider + bike + cargo) GVWR.
  • Compressionless brake housing for improved braking
  • Dedicated rear light mount on the optional Diamond Deck
  • Clearance for 2.25” tires with fenders and up to 2.4″ tires under certain component combinations (see bikepacking package option)
  • Accessory improvements to the kickstand and the Whoopee Deux bar. (More pictures and details coming soon, bikes built in July will have accessory improvements on them)

New accessory additions to the Haul-a-Day Elite:

  • New Elite frame bag option made at Bike Friday
  • New head tube braze-on that fits multiple brands’ bags and racks
  • Improved Yepp seat adapter compatibility (up to 2 Yepp seats).
  • New front rack design

 Other Unique and Valuable Features of the Haul-a-Day Elite:

  • Bike Friday Haul-A-Day Elite cargo bike storedThe lightest long-tail cargo bike built today. For perspective…other top brands weigh 15-40 lbs more for the same carrying capacity. You can actually lift this bike!
  • As the original vertical parking cargo bike, we ensured the Haul-a-Day Elite still stands on its rear end for small footprint storage, just like the first Haul-a-Day did 10 years ago.
  • Fits on many transport racks: bus, car, and train. It even stands upright on its rear end for easy storage.
  • It can even disassemble to fit inside a car trunk for long distance travel!
  • The only long-tail cargo bike built in the U.S.A.

Your Perfect Size – Truly!

The Haul-a-Day Elite frame is built to adjust the frame size in three places so you can really have a cargo bike that fits you properly (rider heights from 4′-9″ to 6′-6″). Raise the handlebars, lower the seatpost and/or seat mast, even adjust the frame size – you can change the size in just a few minutes to fit anyone in your family! That’s equivalent to 24 different bike sizes with one bike!!

Haul-a-Day Elite cargo bike fits a wide range of heights

The Adjustable Main Frame (Bike Friday makes the only one in the industry):

Below you can see it only takes one Allen wrench and a few minutes to change a small bike into a large bike or large bike into a small one. With this one revolutionary feature one bike can fit almost everyone. This is the only cargo bike in the world that offers that.

Haul-A-Day Elite cargo bike frame adjustment


Click here to watch an instructional video on how to adjust the sizing of the Haul-a-Day Elite

Options to Customize your Haul-a-Day Elite:


Standard Component Groups 9spd & 18spd


Parts Include: Flat MTB bars, disc brakes, trigger shifters, 2.0 in Big Apple tires, front wheel deflopulator


Bike Friday drivetrain gearing options



Bikepacking Component Group with 14 spd Rohloff 


Parts Include: 14 speed Rohloff hub, all bearings upgraded to sealed cartridge, upgraded cranks, disc brakes and tubeless-compatible rims plus fork with 3 pack braze-ons

(All component packages are compatible with Front-hub or Mid-Drive e-assist (except 18spd does not work with Mid-Drive Motor.)

Choose your Handlebar Style:


Bike Friday handlebars

Choose Your Frame Color:



Choose accessories package or individual items to fit your plans:

There are so many accessory and gear options on the Haul-A-Day Elite; it’s a perfect canvas for your riding needs and cargo creativity!!


Accessory Packages:

Haul-A-Day elite Family Cargo Package
Family Cargo Package Includes: Whoopee Deux Bars, Cargo Rails, Big Foot Rests, Front Basket, Diamond Deck and Whoopee Cushion, Cargo Kickstand, Cargo Side Bags.
Haul-A-Day Elite Super cargo model
Super Cargo Package Includes: Cargo Rails, Front Basket, Diamond Deck, Cargo Kickstand, Cargo Side Bags.
bikepacking Haul-A-Day elite cargo bike
Bikepacking Package Includes: Underbag, Elite Frame Bag, Front Rack and Plate

Individual Accessory Options:




Electric Assist Options:


There are two e-assist style options. A Mid-Drive Motor and a Front Hub motor. Both are Class 1 systems, meaning they are pedal assist only, no throttle, and boost up to 20mph for safety.

Both of the e-assist systems come with:

  • 4 levels of assist (0-4) you control with an easy grip-shift controller
  • A 36 volt lithium ion battery that goes ~90k (55 miles) on one charge (430whr) depending on load. You can even get additional batteries for longer distances.
  • Both are 350 watt systems

The Mid-Drive Motor System:

  • Comes standard with integrated front and rear LED lights, powered by the battery and operated by a button on the control.
  • Works with 9spd cassette or the 14spd Rohloff.
  • Has advanced torque, cadence and speed sensors provide a smooth, natural response that improves the cycling experience. The 350W Tongsheng TSDZ II is wildly popular across Europe and Asia for good reason!
  • Provides more torque (80 Nm) but adds 2.5lbs more than front hub motor style and increases speed of drive train wear.

Front-Hub Motor System:

  • Allows for more drivetrain and component options.
  • Lower price point and still gives a helpful boost ( 50 Nm)
  • Adds only 10.5 lbs to bike.



Haul-a-Day Elite Frame Kit

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Additional Ways to Order with More Options:

We offer many more options than we can post here without overwhelming people. We can likely build what you are looking for. Just contact us and tell a friendly Bike Expert what you are looking for.

Bike Friday 10 Year Warranty
We have a strong warranty on our frames against defects in material and/or workmanship for 10 years. Warranty is non-transferable. Bicycle components (excluding tires, chain, cables, etc.) generally have a 1-year limited warranty. CLICK HERE for full warranty information.


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Wired Magazine Haul-a-Day Review 2020 

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Bike Friday
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Ferdinand Gatmaitan
Haul-A-Day Elite in Taipei

Ever since we got the HaD Elite, it has become the go-to choice for our kids. Compared to our other cargo bike, the HaD Elite’s design makes it easier for them to hop on and off. My wife and I appreciate its versatility too—the adjustable geometry accommodates our different heights.
The HaD Elite excels at carrying kids, their belongings, groceries, and even laundry. When we need to transport more, our flatbed trailer further extends its utility. As a family, we enjoy our rides within Taipei city. The dedicated bike lanes ensure safer commutes, whether we’re taking the kids to school or exploring riverside parks and playgrounds.

 by Brian Ulrich

The bike has been amazing. The ride home went well, I actually rode it a fair amount without the assist actually.  Since then I've been able to fine tune some things like the frame and seat.  I just finished riding the kids to school all week which was great.  My youngest loves taking rides on it.  Riding with both of them wasn't too hard, but it does drain the battery faster having 150 lbs. of live weight back there. “

Additional information

Overall Bike Weight

The Haul-a-Day starts at 34 lbs. Electric Assist adds about 10 lbs. Accessories can add 5-19 lbs more.

Family-friendly Accessories Available

For children under 6: compatible with up to two Thule Yepp Maxi seats, adapter required
For children over 4: Whoopee-Deux Bar, Whoopee Cushion, Big Foot Rests w/ Cargo Rails

Adjustable Frame

The frame adjusts to fit riders 4’-9″ (1.44m) to 6’-6″ (1.98m)

Wheelbase/Overall Length

The wheelbase is 49.5" (1.26m) in its shortest adjustment and 53.5" (1.36m) in its longest adjustment. The bicycle is 72"(1.83m) long end to end in its shortest adjustment and 76"(1.93m) long in its longest adjustment.

Multi-modal Ready

Fits on many transport racks: bus, car, and train (tested with Yakima and Thule roof-rack and tested on a local bus front-load bike-rack)

Bike weight for base model

32lbs for this 9spd flat bar base design. If you add electric assist front hub to the base design the e-bike is then 41lbs.