Cherished Memories on the Family Tandem


Father & Son ride on a Bike Friday Family Tandem

Mike and Tyler W., Williamsburg, VA 1998

We purchased our Family Tandem when our children were 5 and 2 years old. We already owned a Burley tandem, and the eventual goal was for Dianna and I to captain the tandems and put the kids behind us. The Family Tandem gave us the flexibility to adjust everything according to who was on that particular bike. Until Tyler grew a little he would have to be relegated to the trailer. A year later we were living in Williamsburg, Virginia, and I decided that it was time for Tyler to become a stoker. My biggest fear was that he would fall asleep while pedaling and fall off somewhere around Colonial Williamsburg.

Fun on a Bike Friday Tandem
After we returned to California, family tandem rides became one of our favorite weekly activities. We also participated in weekend club rides, and the Great Western Bicycle Rally in Paso Robles, CA, was our favorite annual event.
Mother & Son on Bike Friday Tandem
Dianna and Tyler with our Family Tandem decorated for the Spooktacular
A few months ago Dianna and I purchased our custom-made Tandem Twosday (aka “The Mullet”) and we are thoroughly enjoying reacquainting ourselves with our old family routes. Best Wishes to the Bike Friday family—you have contributed to some of our most cherished memories.
Mike, Dianna, Victoria, and Tyler W.
Bakersfield, California.

To learn more about the bike that provided Mike & Dianna with so many wonderful memories, check out the Family Tandem. To learn more about the sporty folding tandem that they’re riding now, check out the Tandem Two’sDay.

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