Love of Bike Friday Wins the Day (and a Prius)



Lovemark Bike Friday Family Tandem

What is a Lovemark? According to Saatchi & Saatchi, Lovemarks are products that “reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you just can’t live without. Ever.” And every year to demonstrate the power of connection between manufacturers who truly understand and serve their loyal fans, Saatchi & Saatchi hosts a Lovemark Contest.

In ’04, Family Tandem owner, Richard V. won a Prius with this glowing testimonial in the Lovemarks contest:

My Bike Friday Family Tandem is a flying carpet of great magic, the perfect solution to the eternal quest of doing something with your kids where you can both have fun and truly communicate. My rides with my son (14 now, 8 when we bought the bike) on our Family Tandem are the BEST, absolutely the best memories he and I have. We’ve had a complete Blast! on this bike – physically close enough to talk and hear well (and conspire), with the bicycling effortlessly filling any gaps in conversation. I’ve learned everything about my son by being close enough to hear as his thoughts and impressions burble out during long Family Tandem rides. So many times, it was just we in our own world, father and son on the Red Bike. Bike Friday is my Lovemark.

And his acceptance speech was no less heartfelt:

If you want to know excitement, hearing you’ve won a car will address that emotion pretty well.

If you want to know challenge, keep the secret from your family for five days, while luring them here tonight without telling the real truth.

If you want to know INSPIRATION, learn that a 35-person company called Bike Friday shined more brightly in this competition than Apple Computer, Harley Davidson, or Honda.

I am just SO enthusiastic about tonight – NOT just because I won a Prius, because we get to SPOTLIGHT such a deserving company. Bike Friday DEFINES a Lovemark. They really, truly do. In winning, all I did was post part of a heartfelt thank you letter I wrote to Bike Friday’s management, telling of my experience with their product. THAT was my Lovemarks entry.

Winning this contest is not about something I did, it’s about something Bike Friday does, and does every day. What they make is custom bicycles, almost all of which fold and go in a suitcase. What they market is enthusiasm, dreams of cycling in far off places, and a worldwide community of owners. And in the case of their Family Tandem that we own, they market precious moments with your children.

When Kevin Roberts describes a Lovemark, he is talking exactly about Bike Friday, and how they do business. Their products DO inspire Loyalty Beyond Reason. I’m living proof. Living proof that now drives a Prius!

Love of a Bike Friday won a Prius

Bike Friday Family Tandem Lovemark wins contest

To learn more about the bike that brought this father and son closer together, check out the Family Tandem.

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  1. Thirteen years later, that Lovemarks Prius is still on the road, now at 157,000 miles, still with Richard Vallens!!

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