Simple Elegance


It’s so easy, it’s crazy, really.

So simple.

You spend your weekends on your bike anyways, right?

So, with just a little planning and foresight, you can make a difference.

It’s just as easy not to get involved. Just as simple.

There seem to be an endless number of charity bike rides. They are everywhere. So much so, we sometimes let them slip under the radar.

Such a shame, when we could target the enemy. With radar precision.

Bike Friday jumped into the fray at the Ride to Defeat ALS in Mt. Angel, Oregon, this past weekend.

We get asked to help out with a lot of causes. Almost to the tune of one a week. Nearly one a day if you include the individuals working on their own.

Trust me, the heart of Bike Friday would like to participate in each and every one. The pocket book says otherwise.

So, we can help out here and there. Not as often as we like. It’s difficult making decisions on when to step forward.

We jumped into this one for a special reason. It meant something to a Bike Friday owner. And, by connection, to us.

It wasn’t the biggest fund-raiser of the year, for ALS or any charity, for that matter.

It was, however, an example of what happens all around the USA — all around the world — on a regular basis. Folks getting together for a cause.

Suddenly your regular weekend ride takes on a new context. You pony up a few bucks for a registration fee. Call or email a few friends. You raise some money, and do what you’d do anyways.

They raised more than $90,000 in Mt Angel on Saturday.

They raised more than that. They raised awareness. For ALS. And, for Bike Friday cyclists everywhere.

It’s so easy.



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