ABFC raises $8,500

Friday (right) is well on the way to becoming a Guide Dog.

The latest tally is in from the 16th Gathering of the Australian Bike Friday Club in March.

The group raised $8,500 that was donated to Guide Dogs Victoria.

Bike Friday Expert Peter Berra joined in the celebration in Australia, and encourages everyone to check out this link to see what life is like for the vision impaired. Bike Friday tandems have been a great solution for many blind cyclists.

If you’d like information on next year’s Gathering, CLICK HERE.

Caroline Dazey recently sent this letter to Pam Haigh.

Dear Bike Friday Club Members,

Recently, at the 16 week puppy class, we were able to photograph the Bike Friday club’s little puppy “Friday” in her brand new puppy coat. Friday is now nearly 5 months old.

The 16 week puppy class is a milestone for all pups here at Guide Dogs Victoria as it not only marks the completion of their three sessions of puppy classes, but it also means that with the new coat comes greater learning opportunities.

Friday will now be able to socialise in places that pet dogs cannot go. Friday will gradually become accustomed to the small individual shops such as a post office, newsagency or milk bar. Her Puppy Raising Advisor will be there to support both Friday and her raisers as they take on the new challenges at this level. Over the coming months this level of socialisation will be stepped up as she begins to enter supermarkets and small indoor plazas.

There are challenges along each step of his journey toward maturity, such as learning to ignore other dogs, pretending not to see food scraps on the ground and being confident with all the new stimuli, such as ride on toys, trollies and prams.

I look forward to contacting you in the next few months to make arrangements for Bike Friday Club members to visit with Friday, but for now you would have to agree that Friday is definitely a beautiful girl and looks very proud in her new coat.

I have now been in my new role for just over a month and I look forward to being here to share the stories of Friday with you over the coming year. If there is any further information you would like to know on the Puppy Raising and Guide training programs please feel free to contact me further on 9854 4433 or for fundraising inquiries contact Caroline on 9854 4459.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the sponsorship program.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Dazey




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