Rocket alert for Rockies



John Stocker at Cottonwood Pass, elev.12,126 feet

We have another report on Bike Fridays hitting the Rockies hard this summer. This from John Stocker:







Just wanted to let you guys know I did the “Ride the Rockies” event this year on my Bike Friday Pocket Rocket.

Over 410 miles and a ton of climbing in six days. The bike performed flawlessly — climbed well, descended well, overall very comfortable, and no mechanical issues.

The ride really was great and I was very impressed with the Pocket Rocket. I wasn’t finishing with the leaders, but I did ride faster than many people with significantly more expensive bikes and wheel sets. You guys really do have a great product.

BTW — there were three Bike Fridays at the event, the other two were New World Tourists.

Plus, at the end of the ride I broke the bike down and packed it in about 15 minutes. I will definitely plan on taking the bike on other tours.



John Stocker, PhD
Assistant Professor of Finance
University of Delaware

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