Peninsula Trails Coalition wins Haul-a-Day


To celebrate Bike Month, Bike Friday will donate a Haul-a-Day to the Peninsula Trails Coalition.

Bike Friday owners voted overwhelmingly for the Peninsula Trails Coalition to be the deserving Non-Profit to use the versatility of an adjustable Cargo Bike to further its cause.

The Peninsula Trails Coalition is the 501(c)(3) that is developing and maintaining the Olympic Discovery Trail on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. The trail, when complete, will go from Port Townsend (on Puget Sound) to LaPush (on Pacific Coast), spanning approximately 130 miles. They currently have approximately 70 of the miles completed.

They are in their 27th year of this effort. As the trail grows, their maintenance needs have gotten larger and larger. In getting to some of the trail areas where there is little road access, they have developed trail equipment that uses bicycles and trailers to move blowers and tools. The Bike Friday Haul-a-Day will help them to get needed items and supplies to where work parties need them. Learn more on their website.

Please don’t forget the other deserving finalists, and consider helping their causes if you have the means.

Relief Nursery, Eugene, Oregon
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Pennsylvania Center for Adapted Sports
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Neighborhood Bike Works Philadelphia
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Community Bikes Santa Rosa
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Bici Centro/Santa Barbara (CA) Coalition (SB BIKE)
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Early Childhood CARES, Lane County, Oregon
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