Imagine Dragons on Haul-a-Days

The Imagine Dragons riding Bike Friday Haul-a-Days during the shooting of their new video for Shots (Broiler Remix) at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

The wildly popular band Imagine Dragons recently spent most of their time shooting their latest Shots (Broiler Remix) music video on Haul-a-Days in Las Vegas.

Stuart Farmer, whose company Open Air Cinema uses Bike Fridays as the foundation for its mobile cycling cinema bike, hooked up the band with four Haul-a-Days for the video shoot.

The video made its premiere on June 3rd on Access Hollywood, and you can view it here.

According to Stuart, the band saw him roll up one day on his Haul-a-Day and they were smitten.

“I’m friends with a guy who helps manage the band, and I rode my Haul-a-Day over to his house one day,” Stuart said. “The band was there, and they all said, ‘Wow, those are cool bikes.’ ”

According to Stuart, the band immediately jumped on his bike for some test rides around the block.

“They loved the bike,” Stuart said.

A few days later, Stuart got a call from his friend who was directing the Imagine Dragon’s latest video.

“I got a call on Thursday and he asked if I could get four Haul-a-Days to the Stratosphere in Las Vegas on Saturday,” Stuart said. “I just couldn’t pass that up.”

Stuart drove the bikes to the video shoot and got to hang behind the scenes, where he got these photos.

“It was pretty cool,” Stuart said. “They rode the bikes around the block for the video, singing their song. Then rode them through the Casino and all around. They rode them to the elevator, and then took them up to the Observation Deck and rode them around there.”

Once up on the Observation Deck, they turned on LED lights that Stuart had attached to the bottom of the frames.

“It really looked cool,” Stuart said.

As soon as we have the link to the video, we will set it up here.

You can view the Cinebike video here.

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  1. After take a glance of this bike, just a sound came from my mouth and the sound was ” Awesome”.

  2. This bike is amazing! it is very fast and the style is really for me. It is also very light with alloy rims with alloy hub. the steel frame is very sturdy as I have crashed it and it is still in great shape! Really worth the money.

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