Fun in Portland

Future's tikit Belt Drive in the Fashion Show.










Once again we were reminded what a great city Portland is for Bike Friday, and cycling in general.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Pedal Nation Portland Bike Show, and took time to check out the elegant fold of the Bike Friday.

Of course, the fact that it helped you enter a contest to WIN a BIKE FRIDAY had nothing to do with your interest, right?

Still, we had a great time although we had to compete with some outstanding spring weather in Portland. With the warm breeze coming after a week with snowfall, we know where a lot of cyclists were …

But those who came, enjoyed. And we enjoyed talking with you and having you test ride our Bike Fridays.

Future's tikit on the move at the Fashion Show.










The Future's tikit is ready for all weather.










Looking good.










Chris Nelson got interviewed, but did he make the 11 news?










Channel 12 getting all the action.










Lights, Camera, Action for the Future's tikit.










Nice poncho, but it covers the bike!










The crowd loves a fashion show.










The volunteers up front in orange became Bike Friday deputies.















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