Bike Friday in DC


[EDITOR’S NOTE: Few companies can boast the type of clients we’ve been privileged to know. This entry is from one of those Bike Friday customers who go above and beyond, and the photo shows Andrejs Ozolins is not alone. At least he wasn’t last week in Washington, D.C.]

From Andrejs Ozolins:

We thought you might want a photo of some Bike Friday riders who took part in the “Congressional Bike Ride” in Washington, D.C. on Friday, March 23.

Tuesday through Thursday, we were engaged the LAB “Bike Summit 2012,” which culminated in visits to Reps’ and Senators’ offices to make a pitch for cycling/walking funding.

The conference had more than 800 participants, but the ride probably had no more than 100 in it. Many people rode the new bike-share bikes that have been deployed all over DC, 3-speed cruisers pretty suitable for a flat city.

There were a surprising number of folding bikes on the ride, partly because Dahon had made some available to conference participants.

But Bike Friday was very well represented. We got 8 BFs together, but I think there were some more on the ride who couldn’t join the photo op. It’s not a good photo — Cynthia Hoyle probably has a better one on her camera.

The range of bikes included the Air Friday, several NWTs, one pretty fully loaded, a couple tikits — my orange Alfine 8 and Robert Ping’s black one towing the suitcase trailer — and (second from right) a really special looking red old “diamond-frame” Friday that the owner called his “beater Friday.”

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