A Solo Bike Tour in Taiwan

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s a short article and link to some great photos from a Bike Friday customer.]

By Yang Cheng-Hsieh

Sometimes I like the freedom of solo travel. I don’t need to wait for
others. I can take a rest break whenever I want and ride at my own
speed.  On the last day before winter vacation ended, suddenly the
weather turned good.  I seized the opportunity to tour solo on my BIKE
FRIDAY to see the beautiful spring Sakura (cherry blossoms) and enjoy
the feeling of wandering.

I really like my diamond frame Bike Friday, which I got from the U.S.
I got a  TravelCase and Trailer for it in Taiwan.

I traveled through the Ruifang disctrict of New Taipei City, northeast
of Taipei, to Pingxi – famous for the Lantern Festival, Shuangxi,
Chinkuashih ? location of the Gold Ecological Park, and the Jiufen
mountains. My trip was very leisurely, over Shiping road, a beautiful
road through the mountains with views of maple leaves in autumn and
cherry blossoms in spring.

Enjoy the photos!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Mr Yang,

    It must be very beautiful places and scenery to cycle with your Bike Friday. Must have enjoyed the trip. Hope to have the chance to ride with you someday. I just got my pocket companion bike recently and also enjoyed riding the bike. I am from Singapore and like to have this opportunity to cycle Taiwan, such a beautiful place.

    Seah Yong Sen
    From Singapore

  2. I am very impressed by your tour, and on top of that by the shoes you show on a picture, which apparently use two soles!!!
    Can you tell us where you found them, because they look very appropriate for this type of voyage. Thanks.

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