We Love Seattle

Seattle kept a steady flow of interested folks coming to our booth.

Seattle, you did it again.

We thought last year was a pretty good show at the Seattle Bike Expo. This year blew it away.

First off, we have to send out props to the Cascade Bicycle Club that runs the show. What a great bunch of people.

We’ve been a few places, and we haven’t found a more warm, helpful and cheerful bunch of people.

We thought we gave a lot of test rides last year. This year we more than doubled that. Thanks for being so receptive!


Seattle cyclists know their stuff, and kept us on our toes.
Big thanks to Bike Works for Valet Parking our Bike Friday owners!
For the most part the rain stayed away to allow some serious saddle time outside.
True to its reputation, Seattle commuters showed the most interest in the belt drive tikits.
The 20th Anniversary New World Tourist (back left) also drew a lot of attention.

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