You Drive Us: The Love That Keeps Us Going


Building bikes isn’t easy.

Especially, custom-fit bikes. Particularly, folding custom-fit bikes.

But we do it, everyday, because we love it. And because when we wake up and come to work to emails like this, we can’t help but smile, pull our sleeves up, and dive right in.

From Jim in Connecticut:


How much do I love thee, Bike Friday? Let me count the ways:

– Peter calls me within 15 minutes of my sending him a photo of the problem with this solution as I am working with Bruce Miller, perhaps CT’s best bike mechanic, who works at Berlin Bikes. Bruce has helped maintain my New World Tourist as David Lam is a bit too far for that.

– As Bruce completes the change to the brakes that you suggested, Peter calls again to discuss how it worked. It did not completely solve the problem, so Bruce shimmed the bracket away from the frame, moving it forward and away from the brake. Now, with some judicious placement of the bag on the rack (see photo), problem solved.

– Then you, Tim, inquire by email how things went.

I have experienced good customer service before, but this is beyond good. You guys are terrific. Keep it up.



We’re always happy to hear from you, no matter the occasion, or time of day. Thanks for reminding us why we do what we do.

Thanks for driving us.

-Bike Friday

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