Winner – Cargo Bike Review from Randy Kirk


From time to time we really want to toot our own horn as we love what we are doing to help others live a better life.  Thankfully we have people out there who really love us and we are lucky enough to work with some really great people.  Below is one of those people who happen to love what we do and we get to work with a little bit.

“Randy Kirk’s ballots are in and the winner is – The 20” Wheel on a Haul-A-Day!

Categories: Cargo, Sports Utility Bike, Freight Bike, Collapsible Bike

The Haul-a-Day by Bike Friday

You’ve probably laughed at some of the long title awards like Academy Award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay. This bike category is kind of like that. And Bike Friday wins easily because, well, they created the category with having a cargo bike that can travel.

Prior to the Haul-a-Day, freight bikes or cargo bikes were super heavy, clunky, hard to ride, and those are the nice things you can say about them(One of our team members owned a Yuba Mundo and rode it for six years and can confirm this…his wife would not even ride it due to its size). The Haul-A-Day changed everything with their “Sports Utility Bike” category that still meets the criteria of a freight or cargo bike. This bike can haul even when hauling a big load. Think Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander Hybrid or Subaru Outback wrapped into one.

In addition to changing the entire landscape when it came to bikes designed to carry large, heavy, or awkward objects, including children and pets, Bike Friday designed the bike to sit on it’s rear cargo platform or come apart into three sections if you want to travel with it(it is how they got started after all). This means you can store it in the corner of your garage in a tiny footprint, or take it apart to transport in your trunk(pop the seat-post and handle-bar post so it fits into a Subaru) or a suitcase. It can even ship by UPS!

Once again, this lightweight, convenient bike is made in a family-owned factory in Eugene, Oregon(Track-Town USA, Prefontaine Race and the birthplace of Nike) and you get to spec it out exactly the way you want it because they specialize in custom bikes. Besides offering up to 72 gears, an electric assist e-bike using a mid-drive system with bottle-style battery, and all manner of baskets and carriers, the bike can also handle a trailer but also the best kid hauler hands-down do to low center-of-gravity.

In the end…it’s the lightest and easiest bike to ride in its class which is why it’s the WINNER!”

Thanks Randy…we agree.  We love building great bikes and even better we get to use them ourselves. Our mission is to do our part to offer a great bike that you could imagine replacing one of the cars in your garage with and we believe we have finally done it with the E-Assist enabled Bike Friday Haul-A-Day.  We hope this review has been helpful and we look forward to getting you on a Haul-A-Day soon.

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