What matters?


Our greatest challenge is also our greatest asset.

Helping guide a customer through our nearly endless array of choices can be daunting. We know that.

But we can’t help it. We like choices.

Just like a one-size-fits-all frame can’t possibly please everyone, there is no perfect common denominator when it comes to choosing a bike.

Some people rate weight as their priority. Some rate stiffness. Some rate color. Really, they do.

So when we started offering Aerospoke wheels, well, we found a hung jury.

“It all depends on what you want in a wheel,” Bike Friday head designer Rob English says. “Some people just love the look. Others don’t like the look.

“Basically, if you want a strong wheel, it’s the perfect ch0ice. But they are heavy, so some people aren’t willing to make that sacrifice.”

I’ll admit. I love the look. I’m the one who paired the yellow Aerospokes on a Candy Apple Red Pocket Llama with yellow decals and yellow cable housing.

Aerospoke wheels are made in America, and, according to their website, called “bombproof.”

Some cringe. I chuckle. I think it’s awesome.

But would I buy based on looks alone? Yeah, if I could afford it. Sure, I would.

I do, however, want more in a wheel. And I didn’t have the chance to spend much time on Aerospokes until recently.

I have to say, I love them.

Sure, they are heavy. Then again, I’m the kind of guy who rode around a dual-suspension mountain bike on the road because it was a better workout (and more comfortable, in my mind).

So weight isn’t high on my list.

Still, once you get cruising on Aerospokes. Well, look out.

Rolling around on Schwalbe Big Apple tires, 2-inches wide, I felt like I was flying.

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