Visitor from China

Bike Friday Beijing Dealer Xiangyu Zhao checking out the sights during his visit to Eugene, including the photo Steve Prefontaine at the Nike Store.

Bike Friday recently had the pleasure of hosting our Bike Friday Dealer from China, Xiangyu Zhao.

Zhao spent a few days at the Factory headquarters, observing our production line, discussing marketing and sales with our staff, but also spent time exploring Eugene.

Xiangyu watches Alan Scholz brazing a top secret project in the Bike Friday R&D area.


Xiangyu watches as Merle Rothweiler works on the finishing touches of a Bike Friday for one of Xiangyu’s customers in China.


Bike Friday Consultant Ruthy Kanagy (left) with Xiangyu Zhao during the Pedal Bridges ride with our local GEARS club.


Xiangyu Zaho (from left), Bike Friday Co-Founder Alan Scholz and Teresa Scholz getting ready to ride.


Some of the GEARS gang during their ride.


Xiangyu and Teresa crossing over the Delta Ponds Bridge.


Xiangyu Zaho (left) took time out to visit another of Eugene’s cycling community, getting a tour of Rolf Prima.


Just like Bike Friday, Rolf Prima relies on handmade craftsmanship to set it apart.


Xiangyu Zhao spent some time cruising around Eugene on a Carbon Infinity tikit.


Xiangyu Zhao on the Willamette River Trail.


A natural tunnel along the Willamette River.

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  1. Good luck to Xiangyu! I have been riding my Pocket Sport in Shanghai since last November, and although there are tons of folding bikes here (mostly cheap Dahons in various states of disrepair), I have yet to see another BF.

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