Triathlon Training Bike Friday style, part 3

Thom and Pam Dodd on the cycle track out east overlooking the Pacific Ocean in New Zealand, 2011.


(Bike Friday’s dealer is training for an Ironman
in New Zealand, where he plans to compete on
his Bike Friday)

We have had an amazing August for triathletes

to train here in New Zealand — the last three weeks

have seen nothing but some of the clearest skies

imaginable, lush green hills set against blue sea

and sky, light winds in these parts, and lengthening

days as we emerge from another mild (North Island,

anyway) winter.

The last couple weeks we have

had the polar express, a veritable

conveyor belt driven by a cyclonic

flow one side and an anticyclonic flow
the other that makes them like egg

beaters driving purified air from latitude

70 degrees near Antarctica to us here

— the air is normally clear,
but this is off the charts!

Needless to say, it is tough to keep myself

inside, and the New World Tourist has been

treated to a few weeks of

The training is ramping up as my challenge is

now only five months away.

Rides over 100 miles now, hills galore, and it is

so stunningly gorgeous out that I hardly notice

anything other than the desire to get out again

once a ride is over.

Running is good too, with the odd ride/run “brick”

workout creeping into my routine.  The ocean is

down to 11 celsius, perhaps its

coldest in my 15 years here, but so clear that

it is still tempting.

But no reason to hurry that along as cycling and

running are what I emphasize in winter anyway.  It

has been mostly “unfold that Friday and let the

beauty unfold before you.”

Anyway, I know you have Triathlon Eugene coming

this weekend, and I want to wish you all a

great final week of “tuning” and resting so

that you are fresh and hungry for the event.

I will try to update this a few times this week

hoping to inspire someone this coming weekend.

It should be a great opportunity to meet fellow

athletes and hear what they have to say. The Tri

community is a great one — we’re all lucky to be

able to be a part of it.

Stay healthy and have a great day next weekend.

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